Closeness to nature - the new living standard of the elite at The Global City

The rich when buying houses focus on living environment with many trees and fresh air to take care of their spirits and protect their health.

According to analysts, the elite and successful community has had a significant change in the criteria for finding living space. The report and real estate consumer sentiment index (Real Estate) released by in February shows that customers in the middle class and well-off in Vietnam tend to move to places of ownership. lots of green space and separate from crowded residential areas.

The overall plan of The Global City

Choose a living space close to nature

Utilities of The Global City project

The main cause of the shift is the increasing health care needs of the global population, especially in the upper-class community. Meanwhile, exposure to nature brings positive effects on physical health, while improving mental health.

The rich gradually move away from the crowded and dusty cities, to a place with lots of trees to ensure their health

The Global City Project

In addition, the density of population, dense traffic and continuous construction activities make the fine dust content in the central areas exceed the safe threshold. Therefore, the rich gradually move their living space away from the central core area, to projects with low construction density in new urban areas to ensure the living environment and improve health.

In particular, the projects of townhouses and villas in the eastern area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City are "eyes on" by many people with their methodical planning, large green area and civilized community.

Life in the green area The Global City

The Global City - the future destination of Ho Chi Minh City after Nguyen Hue - Le Loi

As a reputable investor in the luxury housing segment, Masterise Group has attracted many customers over the past time when it offers real estate product lines with isolated green living space. Typical projects are Lumiere Riverside, Lumiere Boulevard, The Rivus, Grand Marina Saigon….

Grasping the needs of the elite, recently, Masterise Group continued to launch The Global City project in Thu Duc City with a scale of 117 hectares and a large green space. Following the philosophy of living in harmony with nature of Rach Chiet Stadium, The Global City promises to impress by smart planning interspersed with a chain of modern and self-contained utilities, creating a safe and healthy living environment. strong.

Masterise Group focuses on developing green areas to help regulate the air and improve the quality of the living environment

What's special at Love Bay - a new place that is "making waves" in Ho Chi Minh City in recent days? .

According to information from the developer, 1,800 SOHO townhouse luxury link in The Global City with the sound of neoclassical architecture. The high ceiling design and vertical skylights keep the space airy and full of fresh energy every day. The owners here can enjoy the experience of connecting with the green nature outside, or easily watch the brilliant sunrise through the window of the home.

The gardens distributed throughout the project are ideal spaces for residents who love to take a walk, breathe in the fresh air every morning or exercise to improve their health. Meanwhile, the children's swimming pool, climbing area, outdoor sports area... are places where children can have fun and develop physically.

Not only that, The Global City also contributes to relieving stress after a long day of work with mental health care facilities such as relaxation huts, resting gardens, bringing positive energy to residents.

The inner streets with many trees are where The Global City residents take a leisurely walk, exercise, and exercise every day.

The Global City progress in August 2022

Developed by Masterise Group with a transparent legal background, The Global City will complete the largest 9000m2 model house in Vietnam, expected to open in September this year. In addition, the group has built ready-made houses, completed utilities and landscapes at The Global City, helping customers see with their own eyes and touch the future house before deciding to own. As a result, the project is considered an ideal place to live when it meets the needs of living close to nature and is a potential value-added asset.

The Global City Project

Project official website: https://theglobal. vn/


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