The Global City Apartment is a product line that will be deployed after the sale of 1800 homes is over. city. With a scale of up to 10,000 high-class A-class standard products, impressing with high-class design style, diverse products to meet the ideal residence and investment.


The Global City apartment is located in the heart of the project - a unique location in the heart of the dynamic and creative Thu Duc city. With 2 frontages of Do Xuan Hop Street and Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway in An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

‏This is one of the rare places where there are many great resonance elements such as: “Nhat myopia - Nhi near Giang - Tam near road". Located next to Rach Chiec river with many branches weaving into each subdivision, creating a green lung for the apartment complex The Global City , all year round get cool and mellow air.‏

‏Another plus point is traffic infrastructure, this is an area with developed infrastructure that is a premise for real estate projects to explode soon. Thanks to its location near the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, it is convenient to connect to Long Thanh airport, and many other strongly invested and developed transport infrastructures by the State, creating outstanding advantages for customers. project, with unlimited development potential.


With an impressive design, every detail can "awaken" the eyes of many people, especially in terms of color, layout, decoration and design for each space of The Global City apartment complex. Guaranteed to make customers feel special.‏

The overall apartment building of The Global City is also very harmonious, possessing a beauty that is not only outstanding but also unique, under the potential and quality handshakes of the investor Masterise Homes with the units. reputation at home and abroad, promises to create a place to live beyond customer expectations.‏

‏Masterise Homes investor will deploy to build 20 high-rise apartment blocks, including a total number of products up to 10,000 units, with an area ranging from 80m2 - 140m2, opening up countless investment opportunities. attractive to customers.




How to own an apartment at The Global City?

Commercial apartments at The Global City are used for a long time.

When will The Global City apartment be launched for sale?

Currently, Masterise Homes has not been deployed for apartments, it is expected to be deployed after the completion of the low-rise area.