For the first time in Vietnam, the world's top talents will bring the quintessence and highest value of art to serve the life of each elite owner.
Haute Couture art sound is brought into the living space of the villa area The Global City by the legendary hands of architects, master experts in the field of design. The Global City is a perfect artistic mix with 22 villas that are "tailored" and meticulously completed, dedicated to each owner.

The Global City villa is located separately from the rest of the subdivisions, 2 sides facing the river with limited quantity, promising to bring to the community the quintessential quality of life and the potential for price increase of this product line. .


The location of the villa is located in the innermost part of The Global City project, adjacent to the river, bringing prosperity and fortune to the owners here.




Hình thức sở hữu biệt thự/dinh thự tại The Global City?

Biệt thự/dinh thự tại The Global City có số lượng rất hạn chế và đều có sổ hồng riêng và sở hữu lâu dài.

Khi nào triển khai xây dựng khu biệt thự/dinh thự?

Phân khu biệt thự/dinh thự sẽ được triển khai sau khi hoàn thành các phân khu nhà phố thấp tầng.