Located on major roads convenient for business activities, The Global City commercial townhouse is a combination of living and business space, and also creates flourishing and affluent values for the whole world. urban department. Thanks to its built-in value and high profit potential, commercial townhouses - Shophouse in The Global City always a favorite product of investors.

Shophouse consists of 15 subdivisions with 915 products, designed with 1 ground floor and 4 floors, equipped with luxurious furniture. Each apartment has 4 bedrooms, private elevator in the area from 92 - 140 m². With a selling price of about 400 - 450 million VND/m2, equivalent to 37 - 40 billion VND/unit.


The location of Shophouse The Global City is located right on the front of Do Xuan Hop Street. The subdivision of land ownership is the trading center of the city. Here, the Shophouse area will bring the strengths from the smart and modern planned infrastructure transportation system. The investor is confident that this location will attract a large number of customers, creating a busy and bustling neighborhood.

The Shophouse area has one side bordering the Rach Chiec River, so the atmosphere here is extremely fresh and fresh. The overall creation of a balanced space, both having the bustle of an international urban area, and being close and harmonious with nature.


Floor plan Type 1A

Perspective Type 1A

Position Type 1A

Floor plan Type 1B

Perspective Type 1B

Position Type 1B

Type 1C . floor plan

Type 1C . Perspective

Position Type 1C

Type 1D . floor plan

Type 1D . Perspective

Position Type 1D




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