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International-standard mixed-use development 'Downtown City' in Ho Chi Minh City

The Global City is a high-end urban area project located in a prime location - on the front of Do Xuan Hop street and the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway, adjacent to Rach Chiec river. The Global City is planned in harmony with 1,800 shophouses, townhouses, villas, and over 10,000 Grade-A apartments, along with a system of international standard facilities and technologies that are first introduced in Vietnam.


Created by Masterise Homes, an international real estate developer with extensive experience, a pioneer in bringing global real estate standards to Vietnam. Cooperating with the world's number 1 architectural unit from the UK - Foster And Partners, The Global City promises to become the iconic urban project of the whole Southeast Asia region - The new symbol of "Downtown City" of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.


Knowledge of The Global City


Masterise Homes has just announced a very HOT support policy for customers buying SOHO townhouses at the new center of The Global City: COMMITMENT TO RENTAL AT THE EQUAL PRICE OF DISTRICT 1 CENTER in 12 months, expected rental profit UP TO 2 BILLION/YEAR.

The tenants are all famous F&B and retail brands from Singapore, and the investor also supports the basic interior finishing, without having to worry and waste time finding tenants. Not to mention, the income from rental income is enough for SOHO buyers to pay for other financial expenses.

Commitment to rent at The Global City
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The first real estate project integrated with the most modern technology in Southeast Asia

The leading architectural design partner from the UK - Foster & Partners

Grade A commercial center with a large area up to 125,000 m2

The canal system is 2km long & the largest water music in Southeast Asia

The Global City


Summary of basic information about The Global City urban area

Global City is oriented towards a vibrant international standard urban model and the second center of Saigon. Not only an ideal place to live, Global City Masterise is built with outstanding values to become a vibrant destination, a convergence of bustling activities, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.


Name of project: The Global City
Location: An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Investor: Masterise Homes
Development: Masterise Homes
Design: Foster and Partner
Construction: Central, Delta, An Phong...
Management and Operation: Artelia
Distribution company: Thuan Hung Group
Product type: Apartments, commercial townhouses, villas, office buildings,...
Project scale:  1,174,221.9 m²
Building density: 30%
  • The Grade A commercial center is 4.1 hectares wide, more than 125,000 square meters of floor space
  • 2km long canal - "The Canal of Love" - ​​Bay of love, with the largest modern water music system in Southeast Asia
  • Nearly 13 hectares of green area
  • International school and hospital system
Start time - handover time:  Year 2021 - 2024 (48 months)
Ownership: Vietnamese own long-term, foreigners (NNN) own 50 years.
Project status: Developing townhouses/Shophouses in SOHO . subdivision


  • Designed by Foster & Partners – the world's leading designer with great works bearing national symbols such as: Hong Kong International Airport, "The Gherkin" tower in London, Apple building in the US, Dark Court building Foster & Partners chooses Masteries Group as a partner with the expectation that The Global City will become a new symbol not only in Vietnam but also throughout Southeast Asia.


  • Possessing the "diamond" coordinates of the remaining large and synchronous land fund only in HCMC. The location is right in the heart of Thu Duc city, meeting all 3 factors "first near-sightedness, second near-jiang, three near-road".


  • Top utility, here will be 1 The largest Grade A shopping center in the country with a floor area of ​​up to 125,000 m2 and Bay of Love - "Canal of Love" is 2km long with the largest water music system in Southeast Asia satisfy all needs of entertainment, entertainment and shopping for residents here.


  • Convenient connection, from Global City only takes 7 minutes to the center of District 1 and 30 minutes to Long Thanh International Airport.


  • Masterise Homes offers flexible payment methodsEspecially, the price is extremely preferential and attractive for customers to own for resort and investors in the early stages of the project.


  • High-class living space designed by WAIG — the world's number 1 landscape design unit, promises to bring The Global City to a new level.


  • Full legal, The project has been approved for planning, fully licensed for construction from low-rise to high-rise areas and commercial facilities.


  • The Global City offers various product types: commercial townhouses, villas, shophoue, office buildings,...
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Rare strategic location, the start of a great urban area the most majestic in Vietnam

With a total scale of 117 hectares and possessing many outstanding advantages in infrastructure, The Global City becomes the focal point for a most modern lifestyle in the heart of the city. Ho Chi Minh. Located in a prime location - "the last diamond" of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, inheriting the "move privileges", adjacent to the arterial roads, metro lines, making it easy and convenient to move to the downtown districts.

  • The East is adjacent to the front of Do Xuan Hop Street
  • The West borders the super project Saigon Sports City
  • In the South, it borders on Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway
  • The North borders the Rach Chiec river

With a lot of potential in the future when: Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway expands to 8 lanes, Lien Phuong street right in the heart of the project connects to An Phu intersection.


Utility chains international scale privileges for future residents at The Global City

The master plan of The Global City is an impressive and promising new mixed-use urban area project. The project's design aims to balance biodiversity in the landscape and the health of residents in a modern urban space, harmoniously combining buildings with flexible public spaces and utilities. community to create a comprehensive and sustainable urban area in the future.

With a low construction density of only 28% of the whole project, the rest of The Global City is invested in project facilities as well as 25% of the urban area for green landscape and water surface. As a result, residents of THE GLOBAL CITY will experience a quality, healthy and sustainable life.

Urban facilities The Global City cared for by the investor and meticulously cultivated to every detail. With more than 13 hectares of green space along with a system of commercial centers with a floor area of ​​more than 125,000m², the investor Masterise Group created many entertainment items and a chain of high-class service utilities with the desire to meet the needs of customers. experience and quality of life for residents here.

Đặc biệt, Vịnh Tình yêu - "Canal of Love" với khu nhạc nước - Điểm nhấn của vịnh là hệ thống nhạc nước hiện đại, quy mô hàng đầu Đông Nam Á, là thỏi nam châm thu hút du khách của The Global City. Bên cạnh đó, diện tích mặt nước xuyên suốt dự án còn mang đến một hơi thở thiên nhiên, một không gian trong lành, tươi mát cho cư dân của The Global City. Vịnh Tình yêu và khu nhạc nước đã được hoàn thiện và đi vào hoạt động vào quý IV năm 2022.

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Soho subdivision is designed based on the inspiration from the icon  Dubai, New York, Bangkok.

The central park is designed by WATG, bringing the global Wellness standard of living. 

The system of Lifestyle Hubs offers an endless experience, providing privileges to use the 5 * utility chain.

The Darling Harbor area is influenced by the bustling Darling Harbor area in Sydney, which is many kilometers long.

Live - Play - Joy - Work style commercial center up to 125,000m2 of floor space.

The system of Hospitals and Schools carries international standards.


Giants of architectural marvels the world will create The Global City most majestic

Masterise Homes is proud to cooperate with the world's leading architectural firm from the UK Foster + Partners to create The Global City - an iconic urban area right in Vietnam. Established in 1967 with extensive experience in design, Foster + Partners has become one of the most famous and prestigious names, creating many iconic works of world architecture.

Foster + Partners has headquarters in London and design offices worldwide with ethnic and cultural diversity. Foster + Partners is considered the "Giant" of the world's architectural marvels.

Partner The Global City

Foster and Partners chose The Global City to create an iconic "Downtown city" of the entire Southeast Asia region. The value that this corporation brings is to meet the design criteria of a modern, sustainable, culturally harmonious and green urban harmony with nature.

Foster and Partners is known as the largest design, engineering and architecture group based in the UK. Foster and Partners is the "father" of many architectural masterpieces bearing national symbols around the world, such as: London City Hall, Apple Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), The Gherkin building (London), Apple Park headquarters (USA), Hearst Tower (New York), ... More specifically, Beijing Capital International Airport (China) by Norman Foster - founder of Foster and Partners, this is considered is a work greater than all works.




Masterise Homes — a member of the Masterise Group, a pioneering international real estate developer applying global standards to the development, operation and management of real estate products and services in Vietnam and world.

Own the catalog Branded Residences The largest (branded residences) in Southeast Asia, Masterise Homes affirms its international capabilities through the cooperation with Marriott International - the world's largest hotel group with Marriott, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton brands.

Masterise Homes is committed to constantly creating high-class architecture and worthy experiences for customers, creating timeless values ​​that are recognized worldwide.



  • MASTERY: Outstanding execution capacity from a team of international experts. Owning a team of international staff from many countries around the world, bringing a world-class lifestyle in Vietnam.


  • MASTERMINDS: Strategic cooperation and building relationships with world-class partners together to create prestigious and sustainable works over time.


  • MASTERSHIP: Owner of prestigious international awards. With outstanding capacity and extensive experience, Masterise Homes proudly owns many prestigious international awards in architecture, landscape and interior design.


  • MASTERPIECES: World-class architectural works bring sustainable value over time. Masterise Homes elevates the lifestyle with a global mark.


  • MASTERING: World-class real estate management and customer care services exceed all expectations.



Đã hoàn thành: Masteri An Phu, Masteri Thao Dien, Millennium, M-One Gia Dinh, M-One Nam Sai Gon.

In progress: The Rivus, The Grand Hanoi, Grand Marina Saigon, Masteri Center Point, Masteri West Heights, Masteri Waterfront, Lumiere Riverside, The Global City Masterise


Located in the most vibrant center of The Global City Vietnam, directly connected to the Trade Center and surrounded by the green area of ​​the park, SOHO is a townhouse developed according to global standards. , bringing outstanding cultural and commercial value.

As a unit specializing in designing large-scale iconic projects worth tens of billions of dollars in London, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong, Foster + Partners will create The Global City into a global urban area. modern, civilized and vibrant - promises to be a new "downtown" (second center) of HCMC. The Global City is designed and developed in accordance with the trend of "New Urbanism" of the world. This place will become a diversified and modern urban complex, with all the comprehensive facilities of a future city center in addition to the housing area.

The design of The Global City aims to balance the landscape and human health, harmoniously combining buildings with public spaces and community facilities, creating a comprehensive and sustainable urban area. Future.

The overall project consists of a low-rise subdivision of more than 1,800 products (commercial townhouses, garden townhouses, villas) and a high-rise subdivision of more than 10,000 products (apartments, Officetels) which have been deployed and sold from 15 - 20 batches. Currently, Masterise Homes is pre-selling the low-rise subdivision, including townhouses and commercial townhouses. Each townhouse will be designed differently, creating a unique architecture for the project.

Each townhouse of The Global City is meticulously invested under the hands of famous designers, embodying luxury and modernity, affirming the position of the owner. The area of ​​townhouses is diverse, each separate space synchronizes and harmonizes in the dominant white tone to ensure consistency in the overall perspective, opening up a classy living space.


With the goal of developing THE GLOBAL CITY to become a new center of Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Masterise Homes and a team of specialized contractors are working hard to complete the project on schedule.
After only a few months of rapid implementation, the appearance of THE GLOBAL CITY urban area has changed rapidly, not only in terms of overall, the scale and class utility system of the urban area has also gradually improved. The entire urban area is expected to be completed within 48 months.
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“Flycam actual progress February 2023”


The Global City model house opens from November 29, 2022

The Global City model house


Price list

Current selling price The Global City project announced by the investor Masterise Group, ranging from VND 40 billion to VND 55.2 billion (price excludes VAT and maintenance fee), design 1 ground floor 3 floors 1 Roof Top, exterior finishing, rough inside, there is an elevator handing over, the total quantity is 1800 products.


Booking Policy:

  • Booking with refund: 500 million VND
  • Non-refundable booking: VND 250 million (used to pay for Masterise Group's projects before December 31, 2023)

Progress payment policy:

  • Discount: 5%
  • 9 payment installments, 10% per installment (The 1st installment will be due 7 days from the SPA signing date, subsequent installments will be due every 45 days: 7-45-45-45-45-45-45);
  • Fast payment: 9% discount.

80% loan policy

  • Discount: 2%
  • Loan package: 80%;
  • Interest-free support period until December 31, 2023;
  • Fixed interest rate period of 9.5% from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025
  • Principal deferment period from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025 (June 30, 2025 for wholesale purchases);
  • Prepayment fee in the program is 0% (not exceeding March 31, 2025, June 30, 2025 for wholesale purchases)

Optimal loan policy:

  • Interest-free support period until December 31, 2023;
  • Fixed interest rate period of 9.5% from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025
  • Principal deferment period from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025 (June 30, 2025 for wholesale purchases);
  • Prepayment fee in the program is 0% (not exceeding March 31, 2025, June 30, 2025 for wholesale purchases)

Premier life insurance package – secure future:

  • Offering a life insurance package worth 0.8% of the successful transaction value on the net selling price (excluding VAT and maintenance fee, after other discounts) and cannot be converted into discount or cash.

Do not accept bank guarantees:

  • Discount 0.35% on net selling price (excluding VAT and maintenance fees, after other discounts).

Program for loyal customers:

  • 0.5% discount on net selling price (excluding VAT and maintenance fees, after other discounts);
  • For customers who have purchased and still own any products of Masterise Homes.

Referral program:

  • Discount 1% for existing customers on net selling price (excluding VAT and MT fee, after other discounts);
  • For existing customers of The Global City project who successfully introduce new customers to complete a transaction.


Have a good policy for customers/floor/CTV to buy wholesale: please contact 0911525454.

We will continuously update information on this website. Interested customers can register the form below to receive the latest and most accurate information. Sincerely thank you !