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Masterise Group Portrait

Masterise Group was formerly known as Thao Dien Investment. Under the management of former Sacombank Chairman Kieu Huu Dung, Thao Dien has become more or less a well-known brand, investing in a number of apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City such as Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu, Millennium, M- One South Saigon, M-One Gia Dinh.

It was not until the name was changed to Masterise at the end of 2019, the real estate group of Techcombank Chairman Ho Hung Anh's family burst out strongly, introducing a series of projects, all of which focused on the high-end and luxury segments. In early 2021, Masterise Homes signed a comprehensive and long-term strategic cooperation with Marriot International (the world's No. 1 hotel group) to develop the luxury real estate segment (Branded Residences).

Perspective of The Sun Tower in the luxury real estate complex Grand Marina, Saigon. Photo- Masterise Homes

Motivation from Techcombank

Dòng vốn của Techcombank không chỉ dồi dào, mà còn rất “rẻ”, phần nào trợ lực về vốn cho sự phát triển vượt trội của Masterise Homes.

Cheap and abundant capital allows Masterise to participate in the real estate market with a secondary investment strategy, without taking time to apply for procedures from the beginning, but just buying back completed projects or a large part of the project. juridical.

And it was not until Masterise was formed and launched to the public that the real estate ambition of Techcombank owners became clear, but long before that, it did not stop at just investing in a few single projects, Mr. Ho Hung Anh and his associates, privately, have accompanied and "participated" in many famous real estate projects across the country. Details will be covered in the next article.

The largest commercial center in Vietnam at The Global City Thu Duc

Không thỏa hiệp, và tạo ra tiêu chuẩn mới về chất lượng. Đó chính là cam kết mạnh mẽ của Masterise Homes với khách hàng. Chìa khóa làm nên tiêu chuẩn đó chính là: Đối tác Hàng đầu Thế giới, Tiêu chuẩn Quản lý Chất lượng cao nhất, và Vật liệu Cao cấp chuẩn Quốc tế