City. Thu Duc - The eastern city of Ho Chi Minh City attracts investors in the South

In addition to the ecological space and synchronously planned utility system, The Global City possesses a lot of potential to add value and attract investors.

The Global City

Investment value at The Global City

Having owned a townhouse SOHO The Global City since the early days of the project, Ms. Thanh Hang - a resident of Phu My Hung (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) decided to invest in another product to serve the purpose. future business. Ms. Hang said she was impressed with the river ecosystem, methodical planning and complete facilities of the project.

The Global City surrounded by rivers and large green patches. Coming here, I have a feeling of being in harmony with nature, feeling peace, feeling relaxed and comfortable", Ms. Hang shared.

The Global City - Trends

The Global City smart eco-urban area 117ha

Besides, this investor also appreciates the health and education facilities at The Global City. In addition, the commercial center and marina are also suitable for the needs of enjoying the life of her extended family, including children and the elderly.

Meanwhile, Thanh Mai (living in Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) was also surprised with the scale, ecological living space and well-planned chain of high-class utilities of the urban area when the first time. first set foot in The Global City.

Many investors in the South are interested in well-planned ecological urban projects. A recent project developer report shows that The Global City urban area in the east of Ho Chi Minh City retains its attractiveness with an absorption rate of nearly 80%.

Representatives of many exchanges that are distributing The Global City project said that the wave of shifting into satellite ecological urban areas is taking place strongly, in which, many investors come from the South Saigon area. Because investors clearly see the value of life as well as the potential for business exploitation, the price increase margin of The Global City is coming when the city comes into operation.

The Global City

Infrastructure creates thrust for The Global City

The area of ​​District 7, Ho Chi Minh City used to be a wild, swampy land, the transportation system seems to be only Huynh Tan Phat and Huong road 34, the infrastructure and services are not yet developed. However, when infrastructure projects were implemented and the appearance of urban areas changed the face of this area. Up to now, the South Saigon area has become a busy land and established a different value ground.

Meanwhile, the East of Ho Chi Minh City has developed infrastructure, and a connected transport network with regional and international links is accelerating deployment. That is Long Thanh international airport; to expand the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway; deploying a series of highways Dau Giay - Phan Thiet, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau, Dau Giay - Lien Khuong, Ben Luc - Long Thanh; Thu Thiem light railway - Long Thanh airport and Bien Hoa - Vung Tau railway...

Experts estimate that a series of highways linking key areas with Long Thanh airport, expected to be put into operation in the first phase in 2025, will create a strong development impetus for the east of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Global City

Long Thanh Airport is expected to put into operation phase 1 in 2025.

The transportation infrastructure system being comprehensively invested will be important factors promoting the strong development of the real estate market in this area. Currently, many real estate corporations and businesses have invested from several hundred to thousands of billion dong in residential and urban area projects to anticipate future housing demand in this area. In particular, The Global City is developed according to the model of a smart ecological urban area, with a scale of 117 hectares continuously attracting investors.

The Global City has received the attention of many customers and investors from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces due to its well-planned space. In addition, the infrastructure elements connecting with Ho Chi Minh City are also becoming convenient. The Global City is gradually completing to welcome the first residents by the end of this year.

The Global City - The largest water music festival in Southeast Asia

Opening of the largest water music zone in Southeast Asia

Real estate experts say that The Global City has the ability to increase value because it both satisfies the criteria of living and exploiting profitable business or saving. This trend of shifting investment and settlement into urban areas will take place strongly.

The Global City Project


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