Criteria to invest in high-class apartments effectively at The Global City

A representative of Masterise Homes - a member of Masterise Group "tips" the top priorities when choosing a project to help the apartment have the potential to be profitable.

Inner city location

According to a representative of Masterise Homes, choosing projects located in the inner city with complete infrastructure will help increase property prices. An apartment project that meets good living features or a profitable investment, should prioritize selection in inner-city locations, possessing synchronous infrastructure.

Only in the inner city areas can infrastructure be properly invested to promote the development of the area. In addition, the inner city is also a place with a large organic population, which helps reduce output pressure if leasing and completes the commercial face of the busy suburban area for the project, thereby helping the product to increase value. .

Location of The Global City apartment

The location of the lifeline will help the apartment constantly increase in value

An expert on urban planning once said that infrastructure is the driving force for price increases for real estate. Where there are convenient roads, along with public utilities, that place attracts people to live, leading to an increase in real estate prices in that area.

A representative from Masterise Homes also noted that, for a group of buyers to invest in leasing, priority should be given to choosing projects located near economic - financial centers, high-tech parks, industrial parks, export processing - where to help ensure the attractiveness of the apartment with a team of engineers, consultants, and senior experts.

The developer of the Masterise Homes project also said that in the process of selecting land funds for project development, they are very strict about the place of development and the project The Global City apartment is an example.

The Global City, developed by Masterise Homes, is built on a 117-hectare land in Thu Duc City, on the frontage of Do Xuan Hop Street. From the project, future residents can easily connect to the arterial roads such as Hanoi Highway, Mai Chi Tho, Long Thanh - Giau Giay Expressway to move to important places such as high-tech parks, Thu Thiem financial center, National University, District 1, District 3... The system of external utilities is also diverse and available such as Ben Thanh market, Giga Mall, International Hospital, Vincom Thao Dien, school system University of the National University Village Ho Chi Minh City.

In particular, being adjacent to Metro Line 1, just a few minutes from the depot, also creates an advantage in future traffic connectivity.

Quality of construction, finishing and maintenance of the apartment

The fact that apartments with high investment in construction quality usually have a higher price, but in return the life cycle will be longer, helping to preserve property value and safety for users.

The Global City Masterise

An architecture-construction expert from Masterise Homes said, The Global City is a pioneer project in Ho Chi Minh City using sustainable building materials GFRC - fiberglass reinforced concrete to build the project. With ingredients of water, cement, sand, refined aggregates, plasticizers and especially alkali-resistant glass fibers, GFRC building materials not only have good quality and durability over time but also create High aesthetics for building form.

GFRC material not only increases the life of the building but also has good sound and heat insulation and saves construction time. These special features make GFRC more expensive than traditional concrete materials.

In addition, Masterise Homes is also equipped with a modern BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) building maintenance system to increase the life of The Global City. BMU is a special equipment specialized for cleaning and maintenance of high-rise buildings. This device will help keep the building bright and beautiful and minimize the degradation process due to the natural environment.

Management and Operation

If construction quality acts as a “necessary factor”, the building operation management unit will play the role of “sufficient condition”. Because a property has a high-class investment that is not preserved and maintained, it will not be sustainable over time.

With the type of apartment, the operation management unit plays an important and intimate role when accompanying residents in ensuring the quality of life and protecting the value of their property.

The overall plan of The Global City

Being managed and operated by an international standard unit will help the apartment preserve its value and increase its price in the future

Atelia believes that home buyers, especially those who buy luxury apartments for the purpose of enjoying life, understand that the quality or architecture is not enough to ensure that they have a comfortable living experience but the management process is not enough. Operation acts as the soul in creating the best living conditions for them.

The operation management unit also has a great influence on the liquidity of the apartment, in some cases the customer decides to "cash down" or not thanks to the operator, a Masterise Homes representative added.

The Global City project developed by Masterise Homes is managed and operated by Atelia - one of the international serviced apartment owners and operators. Atelia's projects span over 180 cities in more than 30 countries worldwide.

According to a representative of Masterise Homes, this developer chooses Atelia as the operating management brand The Global City in order to bring inspirational, international standard living values ​​to residents, and at the same time, with modern technological equipment, and a strict and closed management process will help each apartment in the project be protected. maximum protection and value added in the future.


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