Real estate market when opening credit room, a bright spot in the panorama from the end of 2022

The news of banks loosening credit room has created positive effects on the real estate market, many investors are excited and expect the market to prosper at the end of the year.

Event 23/7/2022 - Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouse

Positive impact on investor sentiment

In recent days, the news that many banks have been allowed to expand their credit room is a good sign, especially the expectation of positive impacts on the real estate market. It is known that the credit room limit is adjusted to increase from 0.7 - 4% compared to the old ceiling level depending on each bank, specifically as follows: Sacombank 4%; Agribank 3.5%; MB 3.2%; SHB 3.2%; OCB about 3.1%; VIB 3%; Vietcombank 2.7%; Techcombank 2.7%, TPBank 1.2%…

This is also the first time in 2022, the SBV simultaneously extended credit limits for a number of credit institutions. Like previous years, the State Bank will usually have 1-2 rounds of room loosening during the year, after assigning the ceiling to each unit at the beginning of the year. Referring to 2021, the State Bank has 3 rounds of credit room allocation for banks, including the first phase at the beginning of the year, the second phase around July and the third phase in November.

The Global City - Trends

According to a representative of the SBV, a number of banks that were granted high credit growth targets at the beginning of the year will now be less generous than other banks.

According to analysis and forecast by market research units, the credit growth limit in 2022 will be around 14% and to achieve this target, another limit adjustment will be required before the end of the year. 2022. In addition, in this adjustment, the credit growth of the whole industry is estimated to increase by about 2%, equivalent to 200,000 billion VND. This number is considered to be lower than the expectations of members in the market. Therefore, there is still room for the SBV to have another adjustment at the end of this year.

Although the rate of room loosening is not high and banks also have conditions to select loan customers more closely, the expansion of the credit room of the State Bank has actively contributed to the effort to unclog the cash flow that is being delayed. The "congestion" of the capital market, thereby, partially removing difficulties and bringing positive effects to the psychology of investors, especially the real estate market.

Real estate is often considered by investors as a channel to accumulate assets and invest safely against market fluctuations.

As soon as the information about loosening the credit room was spread, the psychology of investors and customers also gradually became more excited. The current expansion of the credit room has made it possible for more people to borrow money from banks, along with their available economic potential, customers will be bolder when deciding to "lower money" to invest in real estate. . According to a real estate expert, when the amount of capital is activated, the liquidity in the real estate market will also grow accordingly, leading to many real estate segments that are expected to start up strongly again.

The Global City - Progress September 2022

Real estate market forecast to prosper at the end of the year

According to Mr. David Jackson - General Director of Colliers Vietnam Company, the real estate market in recent years has been like a "compressed spring". When the policy difficulties are removed, the market will have a strong bounce. Assessing the overview of the real estate market in the last months of 2022, Mr. Le Hoang Chau - Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association. According to Ho Chi Minh City (HoREA), primary supply has many signs of increasing in the next 6 months, but will focus more on the high-end segment, while the mid-end and affordable segments continue to be in short supply. Therefore, the selling price in the primary market is likely to continue to be pushed up. Also according to Mr. Chau, in the context of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City in particular and southern provinces in general by the end of 2022 are likely to absorb well compared to the present.

Event 23/7/2022 - Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouse

Real estate segment with real potential, real use value will be a good option at this time.

According to a forecast from CBRE Vietnam, the supply of new apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City will recover and the number of successful sold apartments will also increase. However, because of the high price and limited land fund in the city center. Therefore, it will push the demand and purchasing power of investors to neighboring cities and districts such as Thu Duc, the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City. Real estate in these satellite cities with attractive prices and diverse products will both support and compete with Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

For example, the real estate products of The Global City high-class urban area, located on the front of Do Xuan Hop, Thu Duc city are receiving many customers to visit and learn about the project. Possessing many outstanding advantages in terms of both the exterior and international standard internal facilities and a wide range of real estate product lines introduced to the market, The Global City project meets the needs of both real and commercial buyers. investment demand thanks to the potential for price appreciation and commercial exploitation in the future. Up to now, The Global City urban area has completed many utility items at the project such as: the largest water music area in Southeast Asia, sports area, children's play area, swimming pool area, observatory, organization. international model games… as well as commercial streets are becoming more and more crowded and bustling.

Masterise Homes Opening Southeast Asia's leading water music zone at The Global City

Singer My Tam and Ha Anh Tuan duet at the biggest water music festival in DNA right at the project's central park

The Global City Central Park - the "heart" of The Global City urban area, is the place to bring the resident community many interesting and practical recreational, cultural and entertainment activities.

It is known that from now until October, the investor of The Global City urban area is implementing a very good incentive program when customers successfully trade SOHO townhouse. At the same time, customers still enjoy discounts when choosing to pay by fast payment method and enjoy preferential support for bank loan interest rates as well as apply at the same time as the policies throughout the project (customer program). friendly goods,…).

For more information as well as to register for a direct visit to The Global City project, please contact hotline: 0911 525 454

Project official website: https://theglobal. vn/


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