According to The Global City, Southern townhouses continue to set new price peaks

The type of townhouses in the market of Ho Chi Minh City and satellite provinces are establishing a new price level in the context of scarce supply and stable growth in demand.

Sharing about the market of townhouses/villas in the South, Mr. Vo Hong Thang, Deputy Director of R&D DKRA Vietnam, said that the new supply of townhouses/villas in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces has decreased. and unevenly distributed. In the first 6 months of 2022, the southern market had about 3,142 townhouses/villas from 29 projects launched for sale. In the context that the supply decreased by more than 45% compared to the same period in 2021, the consumption rate of this type still reached 88% (equivalent to 2,007 units) compared to the same period last year. New supply tends to shift to satellite areas such as Dong Nai, Long An, and Binh Duong and recorded good absorption rates in satellite markets.

In the second quarter of this year, the townhouse market also recorded strong price fluctuations when the primary selling price of this type tended to increase in all markets. Specifically, Ho Chi Minh City set up a new price ground with the highest selling price of 700 billion VND/unit for the project The Global City townhouse in TP. Thu Duc (former 2nd district). Dong Nai province recorded the highest selling price of up to 107 billion VND/unit with villas in Novaland's Aqua City urban area project; Nam Long Group also approved the sale of phase 2 of The Aqua luxury villas in Waterpoint Ben Luc urban area, making the Long An market appear for the first time at about VND 38 billion / unit for the type of townhouse.

The Global City - Progress June 2022.

The supply of land-based real estate fell sharply along with the selling price continuing to increase due to the strong increase in demand of this type in the context of inflation.

Particularly in Binh Duong market, the supply of townhouses and luxury villas is currently very limited and the price range is quite "soft" compared to neighboring neighbors. Accordingly, the outstanding townhouse project offered for sale in the last quarter in Binh Duong has only The Standard detached townhouse of An Gia investor (Trinh Cong Son, Tan Uyen). 374 Villas and townhouses here are priced from 6.8 billion VND/unit, have started handing over houses since March 2022, so the primary source of goods is still relatively small.

It is expected that in the last 6 months of the year, the southern market will have about 4,000-5,000 new townhouses for sale. Dong Nai will continue to lead the supply with about 1,500 units, followed by Long An and Binh Duong with about 1,000 units, concentrated in the areas of Ben Luc, Duc Hoa (Long An) and Tan Uyen, Bau Bang (Binh Binh). Positive). With Ho Chi Minh City, the supply will fluctuate around 600 units, mainly concentrated in the HCMC area. Thu Duc. The primary price level of land houses in the southern market is forecasted to continue the upward trend due to pressure on input costs, inflation and high demand for this type of property.

According to the Report on Psychology & Demand for Real Estate just published by along with the market report for the second quarter of 2022, most homebuyers are paying much attention to detached houses and land. Accordingly, 60% of survey respondents said that the type of real estate expected to buy in the near future is land and detached house. Notably, 80% of people who already own real estate have a need to buy a second home and this trend is increasing among young investors. The type of real estate that is sought to buy a lot is usually located within a radius of 50km connecting from central cities with the price usually from 5 billion VND. This group of buyers also pays a lot of attention to the type of townhouses and land, while not paying attention to resort real estate. Besides, 92% of users in the southern provinces choose to buy real estate right in the same area where they live instead of going far to new markets.

Also in the second quarter report, released data showing that, after 2 years of prolonged epidemic, the housing, gold, securities and savings markets recorded many ups and downs. However, land and housing still maintained the highest price increase index, ranked above other investment channels such as gold, securities and savings deposits. In which, land and townhouses kept the strongest increase in investment channels. After the epidemic period, the demand for land-based housing products became higher than ever, especially in the context of rising inflation, the need to find a safe haven for cash flow became urgent and Real estate is always the first choice of investors. Demand for townhouses/villas is mainly concentrated in large-scale projects, synchronously planned and developed by reputable investors with strong financial potential.

Southern land houses continue to set new price peaks

Real estate is still an investment channel that recorded a higher price increase than gold, securities and savings deposits.

Mr. Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet, Housing Director of CBRE Vietnam, said that the price of townhouses and villas in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas will continue to increase in the near future because investors tend to want to develop super premium products. In fact, more than half of the supply of new villas and townhouses from now until the end of the year is estimated to come from big investors such as Vingroup, Masterise Homes, Keppel Land, Nam Long Group, Dai Phuc Group, An Gia Group, etc. Novaland.

“The market for villas and townhouses in the coming time will definitely grow stronger in satellite towns because the central land fund for developing land-house projects is not much and the project development process is difficult. difficult, complicated. To meet the increasing demand from buyers, investors will increasingly promote the development of differentiated products with higher quality of services. Limited quantity, improved quality, villa and townhouse products will still record good demand in both the primary and secondary markets and the selling price will continue to increase in the near future, "said Mr. Kiet. .


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