According to The Global City, billions of dollars will be parked in Thu Duc city from 2022

The Global City- The apartment market in Thu Duc City witnessed a sharp increase in prices due to scarce supply, increasingly synchronous planning infrastructure…According to a recent report by DKRA, the number of apartments sold here accounted for 95 % of new supply in HCMC.


According to The Rivus Saigon, Billions of USD will be parked in Thu Duc City from 2022


The attraction and potential of the area is likened to the "gateway to Ho Chi Minh City" is inevitable.

Especially when recently, activities related to infrastructure have created underground waves in the investment world. Specifically, Ring Road 3 (Tan Van - Nhon Trach package), an important transit section, the link connecting Ho Chi Minh City - Dong Nai - Binh Duong, running through the center of Thu Duc city will start construction of phase 1A in the first quarter. 2022.

Previously, a series of billion-dollar key projects with increased investment including Ring 4, Ben Luc - Long An expressway, Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien - Bien Hoa metro, and Tan Son Nhat - Long Thanh airport all run through the city. Thu Duc. Important inter-regional roads have also been upgraded such as Thu Thiem tunnel, Saigon 2 bridge, Pham Van Dong, Mai Chi Tho avenues, Hanoi Highway... Information about the young city is expected to receive an additional investment of about 300,000 billion. The contract to change the appearance of infrastructure also "powers" strongly for regional real estate.

Along with the promotion of infrastructure improvement, Thu Duc City is still one of the attractive destinations for FDI, with the appearance of: Microsoft, Intel, Quantus Corporation (USA), Allied Telesis (Japan) or Samsung (Korea)… Recently, a joint venture between Lotte Group (Korea) and Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan) has also "poured" into Thu Thiem area $2.2 billion.

Or Masterise Group invested in Him Lam's super project Saigon Binh An (former CDT) with a cost of up to 2 billion USD, and changed the new name to The Rivus Saigon Urban Area, in Rach Chiet, District 2, Thu Duc City


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In addition, Thu Duc also converges a chain of infrastructure to create resilience for regional economic and social life such as Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, and Fulbright University. In the future to 2025, the young city promises to attract many prestigious international universities to set up bases, towards a university city.

At Thu Duc, Mien Dong Bus Station, Thu Duc Regional General Hospital, Hoan My Hospital ... are modernly planned, creating a solid launch pad for this city to form a smart and creative city.

Notably, Metro line 1 with a total length of 19.7 km starts from Ben Thanh station in District 1 to the last station - Long Binh Depot in District 9, expected to be completed by the end of 2021 and Thu Thiem 2 bridge project … Along with that, two centers of high technology and ecological technology are concentrated in the area of District 9. Foreign experts and managers working here promise to be a potential source of demand for real estate products. movables.

With that great momentum, housing prices in this area have leapt forward and will maintain upward momentum in the future. Research by consulting firms such as CBRE, Savills Vietnam all confirm this.

HoREA representative also assessed that Thu Duc City will continue to become the focus of development, a hot spot of the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the reason why investors are still steadfastly waiting for the opportunity to make a profit, even though the price is still fluctuating day by day.

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