According to The Global City, by 2025, Thu Duc has the goal of attracting 50,000 more residents, 20,000 engineers, experts,

The Global City - Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee has just issued a plan to implement the project of developing an innovative and highly interactive urban development in the East. In particular, will focus on making Thu Duc general planning, developing transport infrastructure, proposing a policy framework for Thu Duc development.


The eastern city of 211.57km2 including 3 districts 2, 9, Thu Duc is expected to be the nucleus of economic promotion of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern key economic region.

On January 26, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued a decision to issue a plan to implement the project "Formation and development of an innovative and highly interactive city in the East of the city in the period of 2020-2035" in 2020-2025.

This decision annuls Decision 2655 dated July 28, 2020 of the City People's Committee promulgating an action plan on building an innovative and highly interactive city in the East.

This new plan aims to build and develop the eastern area of ​​the city (Thu Duc) into an innovative, highly interactive urban area, which is a leading area for the city's economy and knowledge economy. The innovative, highly interactive urban area will become the nucleus of the city's 4th industrial revolution.


In 2025, Thu Duc City will attract 20,000 engineers and experts to work


A corner of District 2, HCMC - Photo: QUANG DINH

Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City sets the basic criteria for the eastern urban area.


By 2025, the development framework and strategy will be set, the organizational mechanism will be established, priority sectors are determined, and the three-house component (state - investor - educator) will be established. At the same time, approving and publicizing the Thu Duc master plan and the zoning planning of innovation centers.

The urban area will attract 50,000 residents to live and work, including about 20,000 engineers and experts;

Forming a development land fund of about 100ha, focusing mainly on existing creative economic pillars such as Hi-Tech Park, Thu Thiem new urban area, National University of Ho Chi Minh City;

Reach 25% of the population using public transport; increase 60% of the number of kilometers of roads serving public transport after 5 years; to close the 2nd belt and deploy the construction of national highways 13 and 3;

Forming the project of metro line No. 1 with Binh Duong, implementing the construction of Cat Lai and Nhon Trach bridges; building and investing in a 5G system for Thu Duc…

By 2035, Thu Duc will contribute 1/3 of HCMC's GRDP and 7% of the country's GDP; attracting 100,000 inhabitants to live and work, including about 80,000 engineers and experts;

Public transport needs to meet 50-60% of travel demand, and the density of the public transport network increases. The density of highways and urban main shafts reaches 1-1.2km/km2.

Deploying a flood control system, ensuring flood control up to 80% frequency (5 years only occurs once a year); 30% of the park area will become a regulating lake to reduce the risk of flooding…


Focus on developing transport infrastructure for Thu Duc

To achieve those targets, Ho Chi Minh City focuses on researching and planning, approving the Thu Duc master plan to 2040 in the direction of an innovative urban area. At the same time, make land use planning, ensure reasonable and economical land use.

Researching information technology application solutions to serve the construction of e-government, smart city development in accordance with the city's e-government architecture.

Regarding infrastructure, Ho Chi Minh City will plan and invest in the development of transport infrastructure for Thu Duc in the direction of an innovative, highly interactive city. Research solutions to enhance public passenger transport to meet 50-60% of people's travel needs.

Applying information technology at a high level to solve the requirements of people and businesses. Planning and implementing cooperation projects with inter-sectoral, inter-district, regional linkages in various fields, developing strategies for training highly qualified human resources.

Formulate an urban development strategy, propose a policy framework for planning and investing in Thu Duc development. Investment calling programs give priority to urban development projects with a scale of over 10 hectares, social housing development projects, resettlement housing, high-rise housing along traffic axes and corridors key…


6 groups of development policy


  • The City People's Committee also set out groups of policies to develop and attract economic activities in key areas.
  • In particular, Thu Thiem new urban area will develop an international financial technology center associated with the digital transformation program.
  • Rach Chiec Sports Complex will develop a sports and health care center.
  • The high-tech park will develop activities of research, design, testing, prototype production, and production of high-tech innovative products.
  • Ho Chi Minh City National University will develop learning and training services, international cooperation, creative space, research and development, start-up incubator.
  • Tam Da new urban area will develop environmentally adaptive housing technology, renewable energy, high-rise farms, biodiversity, physical and mental health care.
  • Truong Tho urban area will build a model of the future urban area for living, working and resting with the experiment of ideal infrastructure, urban management by technology and common data, adapting to changes in the environment. climate change, innovative applications in the arts, entertainment, construction technology and ecological materials.


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