According to Global City – Apple's "intrinsic" architectural design partner designed an urban area for the first time in Vietnam

Foster & Partners - the father of iconic architectural works of Apple is expected to launch an iconic urban design of Vietnam and Southeast Asia called The Global City...


Apple's design partner advises on architecture of Vietnamese urban areas-compressed

The master plan of The Global City urban area is 117.4 hectares wide in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc. Photo: Foster+Partners.


When it comes to Apple's designs, people not only think of attractive technology products but also are impressed with the unique and eye-catching Apple stores. Few people know that these architectural works come from the talented hands of architects at Foster & Partners. This is the world's leading architectural firm with headquarters in the UK and has been Apple's internal architectural design partner for the past 23 years.

With a network of offices across continents and a portfolio of more than 350 completed and completed projects worldwide, Foster & Partners is considered a giant in the architectural design industry. And in the near future, this unit will design an urban area for the first time in Vietnam - Masterise Homes' The Global City urban area in Thu Duc city, HCMC.


Impressions at more than 20 Apple stores globally

In 2013, when Apple decided to trademark its design and store layout, Foster+Partners became the designer for all of its stores since then. The first Apple store born under this cooperation is located at Zorlu Center shopping mall, Istanbul, Turkey with 2 basements and a glass box protruding above the ground so customers can see it. activities inside the store. It is known that this design is inspired by Apple product boxes and the joy of customers when opening them. This project was completed in 2014.


Apple's design partner advises on architecture of Vietnamese urban areas-compressed

Apple Store at Zorlu Center Mall, Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: Apple.


Since then, Foster+Partners has continuously completed more than 20 Apple stores around the world, each design has its own mark with creativity, uniqueness and attraction. For example, the Apple store at Piazza Liberty, Milan, Italy with an 8-meter-high fountain is submerged, under the typical steps of Italian squares. This design is inspired by the joy of children playing with fountains.


Apple's design partner advises on architecture of Vietnamese urban areas-compressed

Apple Store at Piazza Liberty, Milan, Italy. Photo: Apple.


Or like the Apple store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with its spherical design featuring an all-glass dome structure and full self-supporting, inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, a sphere placed at the top of the The dome provides a flood of light that travels through the space. Entirely surrounded by water, this Apple store appears like a floating sphere over sparkling Marina Bay, offering an immersive new retail experience in one of the most iconic locations in Singapore. .


Cooperation in designing the new downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City

Recently Foster + Partners signed a contract with Masterise Homes and officially became the planning and design unit of The Global City, promising to create the project into a modern, civilized and vibrant global urban area – a new “downtown” (second center) of HCMC. This unit will undertake synchronous architectural consulting for the 117.4-hectare urban area, offering advanced and sustainable design solutions to create an authentic global city, as its name project.

Mr. Gerard Evenden, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners said: “The Global City is a promising new complex project located in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City and focuses mainly on components. House. The project's design aims to balance biodiversity in the landscape and the health of residents and visitors in urban spaces, harmoniously combining buildings with flexible public spaces and community facilities to create a comprehensive and sustainable urban area of the future.”

According to Foster + Partners, the master plan of The Global City urban area is designed to strengthen the connection between people and to reconnect people with nature. Landscape and trees are the backbone of the entire urban area, linking 5 residential areas, each with its own personality to meet the needs of the resident community in that area.

Currently, The Global City has started construction of infrastructure items. The entire project is expected to be completed in 48 months.

Project official website: https://theglobal. vn/


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