The Global City: Feng Shui - an important criterion that creates real estate value

In the context of modern development of the real estate market, feng shui is a factor that customers are increasingly interested in when deciding to invest or own a house. This is one of the important criteria that creates real estate value for both owners and developers, especially for large-scale projects such as The Global City urban area.

Perspective of The Global City

Modern feng shui refers to 4 criteria for choosing the right location to build a house and live in.

That is geography (water source, plain shape, soil color, direction of mountains and rivers, hydrology); profitable (fertile land, convenient transportation, abundant resources, abundant human resources); human heart (as Confucius said, it's good to live in a good land and benevolent people, so understand people including culture and customs); Son Thuy (including geogas, topography, topography).

If based on the above factors, in addition to the geographical factors bestowed by nature, The Global City urban area (Thu Duc City) has thoroughly applied feng shui standards and rules to create an area. prosperous settlement on an area of ​​117ha.

Long circuit location

Dubbed the capital of apricot trees, TP. Thu Duc is one of the most famous and richest apricot growing areas in Saigon until today.

The Global City urban area is now, in the past, also one of the largest apricot gardens in the city. After 20 years, life has changed, but the fertility and vitality of the land that is filled with alluvium by the Saigon River all year round remains intact. The proof is that The Global City urban area - located in An Phu ward, still possesses a multi-layered ecological area stretching over thousands of meters of riverbank.

The Global City, especially with rivers with gentle and harmonious curves. At the same time, it also brings vitality, favorable conditions for trading, buying and selling, generating wealth for residents. For that reason, for a long time, the saying "location, location, location" has become a guideline of the real estate industry.

Keep Prosperity

More than anyone else, The Global City understands the interaction between the environment and residents in the general population and the implementation of real estate projects that have a direct impact on nature, will change the nature of the landscape. waters of the land.

Therefore, the restriction of interference with nature is not only for the purpose of protecting the environment, but also to protect the people there from changes and bad effects of nature or causing interactive changes. for a large area….

Perspective of The Global City townhouse

By preserving and adding supporting landscape works, The Global City urban area not only maintains, but even enhances the positive effect of nature on residents.

Specifically, beside the categories of townhouses and villas, The Global City of Water Music has created the largest water music lake in Southeast Asia, directly connected to the Song Trang branch extending 2km.

HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year

These items create a connection, circulate water continuously but gently, nourish the tens of hectares of The Global City riverside park surrounding it. It is because the water is only good when the water is circulated and fresh, the creatures, flowers and plants are lush around.

The Global City completely guarantees the principle of yin and yang harmony and the five elements of mutual birth. Owner Masterise Homes believes that, with the gas circuit from rivers and trees, it will bring prosperity and long-term prosperity to residents and future generations.

In addition, Masterise Homes also fully exploits the location of the gateway to the east of the city, a dynamic development area of ​​the Southeast region.

This place attracts a large number of domestic and foreign investors, with the most complete and modern transport infrastructure network in the whole city. With Metro line 1A, Long Thanh Expressway, Mai Chi Tho, Ha Noi Highway, Thu Thiem urban area, Tan Son Nhat airport or especially later, Long Thanh airport, residents can move easily. to the routes connecting neighboring economic areas within 10 - 20 minutes.

The Global City - Expectation to become_

Owning all the perfect profitable factors from land, traffic, resources and human resources, The Global City will gradually become the "ideal destination" and the new focus of the city. Thu Duc under the general development scheme of the city.

It is the interactions and careful calculations based on the living environment and completely ensure the "yin and yang five elements" element in a living population. And investing with a serious attitude and respect for nature will create unique living spaces that will last with time.


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