The Global City signed commercial cooperation agreements with many famous F&B brands

Masterise Homes has officially signed cooperation agreements with famous F&B brands, to expand the business system in The Global City Urban Area. This is considered one of the key activities in the process of creating a vibrant "new center" of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Global City, although not yet completed, is already bustling with famous brands

Masterise Homes officially signed commercial cooperation agreements with many famous F&B brands on the morning of 29:11

Revealing F&B brands that will be present at The Global City

Following the opening of the largest Sales Gallery cum Lifestye Hub in Vietnam at The Global City, on the morning of November 29, Masterise Homes signed a cooperation agreement with leading prestigious F&B (food service) brands such as: Pizza 4P's, Pasteur Street Brewing, a chain of brands under the Mylife Group system such as My Life Coffee, Yen Sushi & Sake Pub, Yen Sushi Premium, Shamoji, Omakase...

Accordingly, these brands will expand their chain of business stores in SOHO subdivision, which is known as a vibrant townhouse with outstanding commercial value, high-class dining - shopping - entertainment venues. for residents and visitors.

Masterise Homes officially signed commercial cooperation agreements with many famous F&B brands on the morning of 29:11

The signing ceremony took place right after the opening of the largest Sales Gallery cum Lifestyle hub in Vietnam at The Global City.

Masterise Homes officially signed commercial cooperation agreements with many famous F&B brands on the morning of 29:11

The signing ceremony of cooperation between Masterise Homes and F&B partners took place at The Global City Sales Gallery, within the framework of the opening event of the largest Sales Gallery & Lifestyle Hub in Vietnam, this also shows the efforts of Masterise Homes to enhance the customer experience when coming to the urban area.

At the same time, the signing event with F&B brands is the first important step in the development process of SOHO townhouses, proving the huge attraction and increasing commercial value of this townhouse. in the near future.

In addition to F&B brands, in the near future, The Global City will continue to welcome a series of brands in other categories such as fashion, services, entertainment...

Committed to continuously creating added value for customers

Representative of Masterise Homes, Mr. Gibran Bukhari – Business Unit Director said: “There is a saying that where there are utilities and many activities, it will attract a large number of residents to have fun and live. By signing cooperation agreements with major F&B brands, we want to create benefits for all. One is to contribute to perfecting the "all-in-one" utility in SOHO subdivision, the other is to promote the rental potential of this townhouse, and finally, to contribute to the bustling rhythm of the new Center – The Global City”.

Opening the model house The Global City Thu Duc

Top F&B brands will be present at SOHO townhouses, belonging to The Global City. In the photo is a representative from Mylife Group with a series of famous restaurant and cafe brands.

SOHO townhouses own advantages such as a prime location in the big city, adjacent to key roads, connecting to the city center, and a series of surrounding high-class facilities that are synchronously invested. Therefore, when F&B brands are present here, they will contribute to increase the experience for customers, from which SOHO becomes an ideal meeting, entertainment and entertainment destination, meeting the needs of thousands of residents. Future residents of The Global City urban area and visitors.

In addition, the promotion of these brands and the resonance from other related industry groups will help SOHO townhouses attract the participation of many other brands in the near future with a variety of fields, promoting promote commercial activities here.

A representative of Mylife Group, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh Trang, deputy financial director of the group, said: “Mylife Group owns many high-end restaurant brands with luxurious spaces. We are always careful in choosing high-quality raw materials imported from abroad as well as refining the quality in each product, in order to bring the best experience to our customers.

This is especially in line with the vision that Masterise Homes is aiming for, when creating The Global City to become a new center with world-class experiences. We believe that the cooperation of the two sides will bring a lot of success and value to the community.”

The cooperation signing ceremony in particular and the grand opening of Sales Gallery cum Lifestyle Hub at The Global City in general have demonstrated the rapid construction progress of the megacity and Masterise Homes' commitment to customers. It's only been 2 months since the canal and water music came out Phase 1, the largest Sales Gallery in Vietnam has officially opened to welcome customers to the new Center.

Masterise Homes officially signed commercial cooperation agreements with many famous F&B brands on the morning of 29:11

SOHO commercial townhouse is considered as a potential space to help brands quickly achieve their business goals effectively.

Currently, SOHO commercial townhouse is still under construction on schedule and is expected to be handed over in 2023, at the same time as a series of other high-class utilities that will be completed at The Global City. This ensures the sustainable business development of the brands, the potential for commercial development for SOHO and increases the investment value for the owners.

The Global City is the first international standard urban complex in Vietnam designed and planned by the world's leading architectural firm from the UK Foster + Partners.

With a scale of 117.4 hectares located in a prime location in An Phu ward, Thu Duc city, The Global City sets a vision to become an iconic urban area, the new center of Ho Chi Minh City. With a complete and complete legal basis in accordance with regulations, SOHO townhouse is the first subdivision to be launched, which has received great attention from customers and investors. In addition, The Global City has completed the first phase of the canal and water music area, launched the largest-scale Sales Gallery cum Lifestyle Hub in Vietnam, and will continue to complete the entire system of canals, green parks and gardens. series of other high-class facilities in the near future.

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