The Global City Downtown – Luxury Countdown Party 2023, revealing top artists

Taking place for the first time at The Global City - the new center of Ho Chi Minh City, in addition to the ultimate water music and fireworks performance, the Luxury Countdown Party 2023 will bring together the top 3 artists of the Vietnamese music industry: Ha Anh Tuan, Thu Phuong, Bang Kieu and a group of popular young singers promise to bring countdown moments filled with emotions but equally explosive and exciting.

The New Year Countdown Festival – “Luxury Countdown Party” combining water music performance, fireworks, music festival and exciting entertainment will take place on the evening of December 31, 2022.

The Global City - festival 31_12_2022

Line-up "top notch": waiting for the perfect juggling between Bang Kieu, Thu Phuong, Ha Anh Tuan

Following the success of a series of water music festivals and concerts in the past, the New Year's Eve Festival Luxury Countdown Party 2023 promises to continue to "storm" with the top line-up, a music night of the highest quality. level through extremely special combinations, with many different musical colors and styles.

The combination of the trio of top artists who are considered to be able to fascinate audiences of all ages: Ha Anh Tuan, Bang Kieu, Thu Phuong will lead all guests from one surprise to another in the show. a musical "party" full of poetry and sublimation.

In addition, the cast of famous and popular young audiences such as Phuong Vy, Thao Trang, ST Son Thach, the talented duo "burning" the stage SJ Vinjaz and MC Goku will bring a lively atmosphere. moving in a space filled with colors, welcoming the new year with excitement with many levels of emotions.

Downtown The Global City - Revealing the top artists at the Luxury Countdown Party 2023

The music festival promises to "storm" with the top line-up: Bang Kieu, Thu Phuong, Ha Anh Tuan, Thao Trang, Phuong Vy, ST Son Thach and famous DJ Vinjaz and MC Goku

Downtown The Global City - Revealing the top artists at the Luxury Countdown Party 2023

Spectacular stage with modern light and sound effects

Water music stage, spectacular fireworks and countless entertainment activities

Contributing significantly to bringing world-class performances is the open-plan stage with the most modern light and sound effects. With the direction from general director Cao Trung Hieu and gathering many big names in the production village, the event was meticulously invested from the water music performance to the unique and creative open stage.

The modern LED and laser system arranged around the stage combined with the spectacular water music background, alongside the top-notch vocalists, will turn the musical performances into a unique, sure-fire art performance. will surely conquer the hearts of thousands of spectators.

Masterise Homes Opening Southeast Asia's leading water music zone at The Global City

Audience watching The Global City water music

The largest water music performance in Southeast Asia, the special edition will be officially "launched" at the 2023 New Year festival.

Right at the canal with the largest water music area in Southeast Asia, which has created a great resonance with the people and tourists of Ho Chi Minh City, the audience will witness a special edition water music performance designed specifically for countdown festival. At the same time, during the transition to welcome the new year, all will immerse themselves in the countdown atmosphere extremely bustling, excited and enjoy the brilliant fireworks display in the sky of the new center of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Global City: The Fountain Festival attracts more than 1,500 visitors every weekend

Let's look forward to the colorful and meaningful New Year's Eve at this special year-end festival!

New Year's Eve 2023 – “Luxury Countdown Party” will take place from 19:30 on December 31, 2022 and last until 00:30 on January 1, 2023 at the new Center The Global City. Besides the performance The Global City's water music, fireworks, grand music festival, the festival also brings countless exciting entertainment activities such as carnival, magic, many food stalls unique… promises to be an exciting and explosive destination for everyone.

The festival is expected to attract thousands of visitors, exceeding all expectations of a vibrant new city center. This is also the vision of Masterise Homes in creating a new center of Ho Chi Minh City, where international events take place for residents and visitors.


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