Masterise Group – the handshake between Elie Saab and Masterise Homes as Real Estate

On March 30, Fanpage Masterise Homes and fashion brand Elie Saab simultaneously posted a video about the cooperation event between the two sides.


With this event, Masterise Homes will be one of the first few developers in Vietnam to partner with an international fashion brand to launch a real estate project.


Elie Saab shakes hands with Masterise Homes to build real estate

Elie Saab is a fashion brand founded by Elie Saab - a Lebanese designer - in 1982, with two headquarters located in Beyrouth and Paris, with a system of over 100 retail stores spread in dozens of countries all around the world.

In addition to fashion, Elie Saab also encroached on real estate through cooperation with units to develop many luxury projects in Dubai, Egypt, London... Some typical examples such as: apartment towers Grand Bleu Tower in Dubai and Le Elie Saab Signature Villas in Egypt (in cooperation with real estate development company Emaar Properties – UAE), luxury apartment project Elie Saab Residences Hyde Park in the UK (in partnership with Emaar Properties – UAE), luxury apartment project Elie Saab Residences Hyde Park in the UK with global financial services company GII)…


Masterise Group - Elie Saab shakes hands with Masterise Homes to make Real Estate

Signature Villas limited edition residence marks Elie Saab's first interior design in Egypt. Photo: Design Middle East


Elie Saab brand real estate products embody the elegant style and signature of the designer with luxurious homes, rich in artistic aesthetic. In addition, the exterior and interior materials of these branded properties are also carefully selected, "tailored" not only to suit each location but also to express the owner's own style. multiply the house.

The unit chosen by fashion master Elie Saab to cooperate in Vietnam is Masterise Homes – a young international real estate developer who has made a distinct impression on the Vietnamese market thanks to a wide portfolio of real estate. Popular brands in recent times. Such as the strategic cooperation event between Masterise Homes and the international hotel group Marriott International to build branded real estate projects in prime locations of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

In the first quarter of 2022, real estate developer Masterise Homes has also attracted attention when announcing its ownership of the Saigon Binh An project located in the east of Ho Chi Minh City. With the new name The Global City, through the cooperation with Foster + Partners, we expect to see making this place an international standard "downtown".


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