At The Global City – Masterise Homes joins hands with Vietnam to achieve emissions commitments at COP26

Joining hands in Vietnam's efforts to reduce emissions, Masterise Homes recently signed a cooperation agreement with two British companies pioneering in sustainable energy and design to apply the world's leading advanced solutions. for The Global City Urban Area.


Masterise Homes joins hands with Vietnam to achieve emissions commitments at COP26-compressed

Mr. Julian Wyatt, CEO of Masterise Property Management welcomed the British Consulate at the signing ceremony between Masterise Homes and two British partners


At the Climate Summit held within the framework of COP26 in November 2021, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made Vietnam's commitment to the global joint effort towards the goal of keeping the temperature rise. The Earth is at 1.5°C.

The Prime Minister affirmed: “Vietnam will develop and implement measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions strongly with its own resources, along with the cooperation and support of the international community, especially developed countries. development, both in terms of finance and technology transfer, including the implementation of mechanisms under the Paris Agreement, to achieve net zero emissions by 2050″.

Together towards realizing this commitment of Vietnam on emissions and climate change, Masterise Homes is pioneering sustainable trends in the real estate market, through the signing of a strategic partnership with Foster+Partners. and Quimera Energy – 2 UK companies that are leading the world in sustainable technology and solutions. The signing ceremony was witnessed by MP Graham Stuart, the British Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Sharing at the signing ceremony, Congressman Graham Stuart said: “I think The Global City is becoming a model and standard for sustainability for other developers in Vietnam and in the region. Masterise Homes is looking to the distant future and is listening to the message from Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh that Vietnam sets a target of zero emissions by 2050. In that context, real estate developers such as Masterise Homes will lead the market and I know that UK companies can contribute to that trend, transferring technology and expertise, bringing expertise and training to the Vietnamese, thereby realizing our vision. Masterise Homes”.


Masterise Homes joins hands with Vietnam to achieve emissions commitments at COP26-compressed

MP Graham Stuart, UK Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos chats with Mr. Toby Blunt, Senior Partner of Foster + Partners at the signing ceremony.


Foster+Partners – The Global City's architectural consulting partner, is the world's leading design company not only for its iconic architectural works but also for its pioneering trends in design and development. sustainable city. The Foster + Partners Sustainability Manifesto represents an unwavering commitment to the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Mr. Toby Blunt, Senior Partner of Foster + Partners shared: “For The Global City as well as any other project in the portfolio, we always aim to design sustainable buildings first. climate change, creating urban areas that grow in tandem with communities, and enhancing living in a city for all. The project's sustainability strategy is always built in consultation with the design team. So, on the one hand our architects preserve traditional and historical values ​​in modern design, on the other hand we apply sustainable methodologies to help us better understand the impact of projects to the environment and offers tools to reduce carbon emissions.”


Masterise Homes joins hands with Vietnam to achieve emissions commitments at COP26-compressed

Mr. Toby Blunt, Senior Partner of Foster + Partners shared about the sustainable strategy that the group will apply to The Global City project


And QEE - a member of the United Nations Environment Program branch - a high-tech engineering company specializing in consulting smart building solutions (based in London) will design, install, operate, maintain Maintain The Gobal City's efficient resource and energy allocation system, consuming minimal amount of energy, to reduce costs and carbon emissions for buildings.

Mr. John Chambers, Business Development Manager Quimera Energy said in the keynote: “Quimera's goal is to help customers achieve their net-zero emissions goals. Quimera Energy is delighted to contribute our capabilities, resources and proprietary solutions to this promising project, which we believe will become a model for sustainable urbanism in the world. Global".


Foster + Partners & Quimera Energy Efficiency are two partners with Masterise Homes to create The Global City

The combination of two famous British companies is expected to bring the world's leading sustainability standards to The Global City, realizing the vision of becoming the new downtown of Ho Chi Minh City.


Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Youssef Akila, Head of Design Division Masterise Homes shared: “The Global City is the first urban area in Vietnam to cooperate with 2 partners Foster+Partners and QEE. These are all world leaders in sustainability trends and will bring innovative and outstanding solutions to create a sustainable urban project, bringing long-term values ​​to the health of residents. residents, each real estate product in the urban area as well as the whole project, and above all, the environment and climate in general”.


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