The attraction of the riverside urban area in the center of Thu Duc City

When land fund in big cities is scarce and expensive, residents tend to move to periphery areas, especially riverside urban areas. Not only bringing aesthetic elements, some riverside urban areas also help owners breathe fresh air and high profitability.


The Global City Project


The attraction of the riverside city

The downtown area has always had a special attraction because of its convenience in trade, work, and study, etc. However, with the increasing population density and limited land fund, the central area is becoming more and more popular. become crowded. Along with that, overcrowding, environmental pollution, expensive housing prices, beyond the financial ability of many people.

On the other hand, experiencing the epidemic wave, more or less changed the lifestyle and thinking of real estate ownership of the community. Today's ideal living space is no longer simply for daily activities, but also has to meet the needs of rest, health care, re-energizing and enjoying life.

Many people tend to leave the city and look for riverside real estate associated with green nature, fresh landscape, surrounded by rivers and lakes… That's why riverside projects with many spaces Green spaces like The Global City attract the attention of a large number of customers.


The "green lung" in the East of Ho Chi Minh City

Owning a prime location in the East of Ho Chi Minh City - bordering between District 1 and District 2, The Global City is expected by the investor to be the focal project and create attraction for customers. The Global City converges potential advantages: Location, utilities, planning and profitable investment.

Dragon urban area is smoothly connected to industrial zones and clusters in the province and surrounding areas. The Ring 2 routes, Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway make it easy for The Global City to travel to Hanoi Highway and Mai Chi Tho to move quickly to Tan Son Nhat airport. Residents living here only take 5 to 10 minutes to get to the administrative center, banks, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, parks and entertainment services. The project has 4 sides facing the river. In addition, The Global City riverside urban area also provides fresh and fresh living space all year round for residents.


The Global City has a fresh space with riverfront terrain and large green areas.

The Global City is built on the following platforms: Synchronous connection infrastructure, urban planning with a variety of products (villas, townhouses, apartments), utility ecosystem - trade and service meet the living, working, studying and resting needs of residents. Prominent in the chain of 100+ utilities of the project are iconic works, improving the quality of life such as: commercial center, general hospital, international standard school, park...

Not only focusing on the living space inside, The Global City is also heavily invested when setting aside 1/3 of the total area to build a utility ecosystem and "green lung" in the heart of Rach Chiet stadium. District 2. Green color covered with central park, landscape system and rich flora create a fresh and cool space in the population of Rach Chiet urban area.

The representative of the investor said that, in addition to the advantage of location, landscape, and utility scale, The Global City also scores with customers and investors because of legal factors. Accordingly, the project is invested by Masterise Group, two developers are Masterise Homes.


The Global City – an opportunity for investors

Along with the attraction and trend of the riverside urban area, The Global City is not only a place to live but also a place that opens up profitable investment opportunities. The project is expected to meet the green living needs of the people but also welcome the industrial wave that is pouring into the East Saigon area.

Currently, although the growth rate in the area is constantly increasing, however, the investor said, The Global City is expected to keep the price quite attractive. The project is expected to have a price of 100 million VND/m2 for apartments and 400 million VND/m2 for townhouses, with a loan from Teccombank for up to 20 years.


The Global City - Soho . townhouse subdivision


The Global City promises profitability for investors.

Along with the synchronization of infrastructure and strategic development orientation of the locality, The Global City promises to bring profitability, meeting the expectations of investors.


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