Event 23/7/2022 – Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouse

Masterise Homes' Soho townhouse launch event has attracted customers and investors from Hanoi.

On the morning of July 23, the event to introduce the Soho commercial townhouse area under The Global City project was held at Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon. Many customers and investors from Hanoi flew into the event.

Mr. Quang Huy (Cau Giay, Hanoi) - a customer present at the event said that his family is planning to move to the South to live and develop business. The reason he learned about The Global City is because the project fully meets his criteria for international standard living space and long-term business opportunities.


Event 23/7/2022 - Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouse


The launch event of Soho townhouse attracts a large number of customers

A representative of Masterise Homes said that the attractiveness of Soho townhouses makes customers from Hanoi not afraid of the geographical distance to fly in and participate in the launch event, which comes from the ability to optimize investment returns when they have just opened. Can live and can do business. The project has a unique design by a world famous architectural company with international standard "all-in-one" utility system. This is also a plus point that makes many customers believe in the potential and value of the project. According to Masterise Homes, with the number of more than 900 townhouses compared to the estimated size of 192,000 residents and visitors visiting The Global City every weekend, Soho townhouses have business potential.

To help Hanoi customers better understand the project, Masterise Homes has brought to the event many practical experiences, simulating a miniature Soho townhouse with a full range of food, entertainment and music activities.


Events July 23, 2022 - Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouses Events July 23, 2022 - Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouses


Business Unit Manager Masterise Homes speaks at the event

A representative of Masterise Homes - the project developer shared, with this Soho townhouse introduction event, the unit wants to convey to customers the potential and value that the project brings, as well as the orientation of the project. development direction The Global City becomes a model urban area, a destination attracting domestic residents and international tourists, demonstrating the project's potential for sustainable value addition.

Located in The Global City with a large scale of up to 117.4ha, Soho townhouse benefits from the central location of Thu Duc City. The Global City is developed by Masterise Homes with the orientation to become a new center of Ho Chi Minh City, along with the development of infrastructure in the East area.

Soho gathers a variety of businesses for residents, including shopping, dining and entertainment streets planned according to international standards, bringing business development opportunities to customers. With the advantage of a prime location, unique design and world-class facilities, Soho townhouses converge all 3 factors of peaceful settlement, enjoying life and sustainable profitable business.


Event 23/7/2022 - Hanoi customers are interested in The Global City townhouse


Perspective of Soho townhouse at The Global City

The Global City is an international standard urban complex designed and planned by British architectural firm Foster + Partners. Setting the vision to become an iconic urban area, a vibrant new center of Ho Chi Minh City, The Global City gathers a variety of entertainment - entertainment - shopping facilities, combined with a residential area including apartments High and low-rise apartments, villas are interwoven between schools, medical and administrative areas, commercial centers and many other amenities to create a sustainable urban complex.

Masterise Homes said that world-class entertainment facilities and green landscapes and public utilities are being prioritized for completion in the first quarter of 2023, especially the 2km long canal with the current water music area. The largest and largest scale in Southeast Asia will come into operation from the fourth quarter of this year.

According to: https://theglobal.vn/


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