District 2 – The driving force of high-end real estate development to the East Zone of Ho Chi Minh City

There is a lot of space for landscaping, an easy-to-connect location, many high-end real estate projects are being built in the East of Ho Chi Minh City creating a big boost for the market.


Mr. Tuan Hung (freelance business in Ho Chi Minh City) has been investing in real estate for about 5 years. Before that, he and some acquaintances pooled money to invest in apartments in apartments near or in the city center. However, now he is finding areas with more potential to invest in real estate.

After many consultations with his friends who are experienced investors, he came to the project in District 2 (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) and learned about the surrounding real estate market like Binh Duong. or Dong Nai.


The Global City

“When I chose to invest here, I was lucky with my decision because the overall infrastructure development in this area was very fast, and real estate also increased in value significantly,” said Tuan Hung. shall.


One of the reasons why the range of real estate investors' options is limited is that the large land bank in the city center is gradually shrinking. According to a representative of the Department of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, along with the speed of urbanization, this city is increasing the area of ​​urban construction land, leading to a limited land fund.

DKRA's market report 2021 said that in the context of increasingly limited land fund in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the main supply in the segment of land plots, apartments or low-rise buildings will be concentrated in Thu Duc City and some areas. bordering provinces such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau.


Ho Chi Minh City - Real estate investors turn to multi-polar cities


The large land fund helps the eastern area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City become a destination for implementing green and environmentally friendly real estate projects. This is the demand of many customers when going through the epidemic time, many people have a need to find an area to meet the area for the landscape and fresh air. This is also the driving force for real estate in the East to have enough reason to maintain a strong attraction. Especially, more and more high-end real estate developers choose this area to deploy projects.

Welcoming the investment wave in the East - Thu Duc city, many real estate developers soon invested in large projects in this area. Masterise Homes is an example with The Global City project. Located in Thu Duc city, the project has enough area for different living space design and internal green landscape.


The Global City Project


Perspective of The Global City urban area

The representative of the investor said that, with the orientation of creating a place to combine work and entertainment for residents, the project developer chose a world-famous architectural unit, the British Company (Foster and Partner). design. Along with that, future residents can enjoy the fresh air and panoramic views of the Saigon River. With a few steps, apartment owners can easily access the central park of tens of hectares.

The prime location also helps the project connect to the external utility system such as a commercial center of thousands of square meters, an international hospital, an international inter-school system, public and private schools, etc.


Utilities The Global City 3


Location The Global City

The Global City is also located in an area that is convenient to move to neighboring areas thanks to Metro Line 1, Do Xuan Hop Street, Highway, Mai Chi Tho, Hanoi Highway... Especially, the synchronous transportation system With the new Eastern bus station, Long Thanh International Airport accelerates the progress, contributing to increasing connectivity to neighboring provinces such as Dong Nai and Binh Duong.

Designed and operated by world-renowned units, the project has many types of apartments and suitable areas for each family size, so it is very suitable for many needs and financial capabilities. besides implementing many attractive sales policies to support home buyers.


The Global City Thu Duc


Find out more information about The Global City project:

– Address: The Global City, Binh An Ward, District 2, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

– Hotline: 0911 525 454

– Register information at: https://theglobal .vn/


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