The Global City apartment segment, a good opportunity to own a house in the city center. Thu Duc

The real estate market is forecasted to be active again in the last months of the year. Investors who own a good sales policy will "catch the eyes" of homebuyers when helping to "resolve difficulties" at the present time.

The decision to grant more credit lines to banks is being seen as a doping dose that positively impacts the real estate market in the late 2022 period. Along with directive 13 on solutions to promote the real estate market property, investors expect the market to remove bottlenecks, creating new development momentum.

House prices are hard to fall

Real estate market survey in the second quarter of 2022 by shows that real estate prices in HCMC have increased by more than 7% despite experiencing a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19.

Particularly in the city. In Thu Duc, the price has also established a new ground - an average of 60 million / m2, especially high-end projects have "burned hands" prices up to 120-200 million / m2. Projects in suburban areas or satellite cities such as Di An and Thuan An are also moving to raise prices from 30 to 50 million VND/m2 due to benefiting from increasingly connected infrastructure.

The Global City apartment segment, a good opportunity to own a house in the city center. Thu Duc

The report shows that in any segment, the average selling price in Ho Chi Minh City increased by 4-7%.

According to the prediction of Ms. Duong Thuy Dung - senior director of CBRE, by 2024 the average price of apartments in Ho Chi Minh City will be at 62 million/m2. According to a survey by VARS, up to 90% of experts believe that apartment prices will increase in the second half of this year. Besides, the volatile situation of gasoline and raw materials reinforces the fact that house prices will "not turn around".

The overall plan of The Global City

Real estate market "thirst" for breakthrough solutions

Mr. Tuan Vu, who lives in Long An, said he is looking for a project in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc to buy for two children, prepare for future study. But when he saw the recent market, he hesitated because not all projects are within the family's financial capacity.

Experts also said that the current real estate market is in dire need of a dual solution, not only removing financial problems for customers but also ensuring proper settlement.

Among the ongoing projects in the city. Thu Duc, the main highlight is the luxury apartment subdivision located in The Global City mega-urban complex with a sales policy of no - have - money - precedent.

The Global City Project

The project possesses dual values ​​- "location and position" when located in the center of Thu Duc city, with a 360-degree view embracing the surrounding landscape.

The Global City is a high-rise apartment project of Masterise Group. Not only possessing an outstanding financial plan, the attraction of The Global City also comes from the speciality of 3 subdivisions: Soho Townhouses, Villas and The Global City luxury apartment built with 3 separate life style, bringing a multi-layered life experience. Each subdivision owns a unique landscape space with a separate swimming pool such as the largest water music zone in Southeast Asia, a large green park area, a swimming pool, and a series of surrounding green landscape systems.

HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year

European quality of life is expressed in the smallest detail to bring a separate and classy living experience to residents

Masterise Homes makes The Global City the new 'downtown' of HCMC

Right at the foot of the building is a busy shopping boulevard, adjacent to Thu Thiem financial center, next to Metro line and Long Thanh - Giau Gioi Expressway. Living at The Global City, residents enjoy a modern space, connecting multi-level services like living in the vibrant city of "the land of flags".

Location of The Global City Thu Duc project

In addition to the great advantage of utilities, The Global City is also the place to anticipate the growth margin of the Thu Duc real estate market. In the future, Thu Duc City will develop into a technology and financial center, attracting millions of people to live and work, opening up great profit potential for real estate in the area.

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