What subdivisions does The Global City include? This project planning includes townhouses, villas, shophouses, high-rise areas, diverse areas to suit the different needs of customers. Follow along with the following article of Masterise Homes sales department, to learn more about the details of The Global City project.

How is The Global City project site designed?

The Global City is a multi-purpose urban area developed by Owner Masterise Homes on a land area of up to 117.4 hectares in front of Do Xuan Hop Street, District 2, Thu Duc City, HCMC. The Global City also develops a variety of real estate types, including: Apartment, townhouse, townhouse, Shophouse.

With reasonable design and subdivision, each apartment here has a cool space, around the project is planted with many trees.

Khu nhà ở: Khu Nhà phố - Căn hộ – Biệt thự – Shophouse – Penthouse

Golf course complex: 92 hectares wide, where construction works such as golf club, 18-hole golf course, 400-room hotel, spa resort...

Information about SOHO townhouse design in The Global City project

  • Handover raw inside, finishing outside
  • Each apartment is a different version design, modern architecture
  • The Global City project will have a total of 6 phases, of which phase 1, 2, 3 will be subdivisions of townhouses and villas, with an area of 75-120m2, of which:
  • Phase 1: 915 townhouses.
  • Phase 2: 487 townhouses.
  • Phase 3: 426 townhouses and 22 villas.

Phase 1, officially called SOHO shophouse, will be divided into 15 subdivisions with a total of 915 products. Currently, Masterise Homes has announced 9 layout samples for shophouse products, all of which are 1 ground floor 4 floors, 4 bedrooms, with elevator, land area is 92-140m2, specifically as follows:

  • 1A: 146 units (95m2).
  • 1B: 215 units (95m2).
  • 1C: 199 units (95m2).
  • 1D: 164 units (95m2).
  • 2A (corner unit): 6 units (133m2).
  • 2C (corner unit): 34 units (133m2).
  • 3A (corner unit): 5 units (141m2).
  • 3C (corner unit): 12 units (139.5m2).
  • 4A (corner unit): 11 units (92m2).

Thiết kế chi tiết mặt bằng nhà phố The Global City

Floor plan Type 1A

Perspective Type 1A

Position Type 1A

Floor plan Type 1B

Perspective Type 1B

Position Type 1B

Type 1C . floor plan

Type 1C . Perspective

Position Type 1C

Type 1D . floor plan

Type 1D . Perspective

Position Type 1D

Phân khu cao tầng Canal Walk - Căn hộ hạng sang TGC

Dự án gồm 20 tòa chung cư, dự kiến cung ứng ra thị trường khoảng hơn 8.000 căn hộ hạng sang thiết kế theo tiêu chuẩn Masteries Homes bao gồm các loại sản phẩm: Căn hộ 1 PN Global City, căn hộ 2 PN Global City, căn hộ 3 PN Global City và căn hộ 4PN Global City…

20 Blocks of luxury apartments

Mặt bằng phân khu cao tầng The Global City


Located at the core of The Global City, the apartment subdivision fully enjoys the full internal facilities of nearly 100 high-class services.

Thời gian triển khai dự kiến: Quý I Năm 2024.

Phân khúc biệt thự – Dinh thự The Global City

Villas and villas The Global City is a high-end real estate product line belonging to The Global City An Phu Urban Area, District 2. The line of high-class villas with a very limited number of only 22 super products is attracting elite".

The Global City Villa

Global City villas and mansions are located separately with 2 sides bordering the Rach Chiec River, in An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The subdivision is adjacent to the adjacent townhouse subdivision along the Love Bay of the urban area. The subdivision is designed into high-class green villas. The subdivision has only one entrance, absolute guarantee of security. From the villa subdivision that connects quickly to the central area of The Global City urban area, it resonates with many utilities of the whole modern area. This is the golden position of the area adjacent to many key roads such as: Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, Do Xuan Hop Street.

Expected implementation time: 2025.

Above are the most detailed information about the detailed floor plan of The Global City urban area project. Hopefully the article of Masterise Homes sales department will be useful to you in the process of learning to buy a project.

Contact to register for a consultation and visit The Global City model house

The Global City Sales Gallery The Global City Sales Gallery is the most beautiful and majestic model house I have ever worked in. From the smallest details, it shows the care of Masterise Homes investor for The Global City. If you want to visit the model house The Global City - Sales Gallery, please contact Hotline to book an appointment and receive the most attentive reception.

Hotline/Zalo 0911 525 454

The address of The Global City model house: THE GLOBAL CITY, An Phu ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh city.

Project official website:

Frequently asked questions

The implementation stages of The Global City?

The Global City urban area will have a total of 6 phases (phases) of implementation, of which phase 1, 2, and 3 will be subdivisions of townhouses and villas, with an area of 95 - 120m2, the number of products as follows:

  • Phase 1: 915 townhouses
  • Phase 2: 487 townhouses
  • Phase 3: 426 townhouses and 22 villas

What are the 3 special neighborhoods that create commercial value for Soho The Global City subdivision?

  • ETEN Food Street: Is a food street in SOHO subdivision, along the festival route - where festival activities and events are concentrated. 
  • MODE Shopping Street: Residents and visitors can enjoy shopping at the fashion "kingdom" that gathers hundreds of local and international brands.
  • JOIE Entertainment District: If you are looking for a place to pamper yourself with beauty treatments and relax at a high-class spa service or continue the fun with friends at entertainment venues such as bars, karaoke modern, go to JOIE.

Is The Global City commercial center the largest in Vietnam?

Yes, the commercial center area of up to 123,000m2 is expected to be built with 8 floors high, this will be the gathering place of the world's biggest and top-class brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton , Versace, Prada ... promises to be the leading entertainment, shopping and entertainment place in the region.