Lumiere Boulevard is a high-end apartment project invested by Masterise Group and developed by Masterise Homes, opening the Ho Chi Minh City real estate market by the end of 2022, bringing a modern living standard and class in the East Saigon area. Oriented to build and develop into a luxury apartment complex, possessing a home resort function with a series of world-class facilities.

Lumiere Boulevard Beautiful Banner Perspective

Lumiere Boulevard apartment project is built on a land fund of more than 3 hectares, located on the backbone road connecting the economy of the East Saigon area in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general - Nguyen Xien Street. The project scale includes 5 Blocks with a variety of areas from 2 to 3 bedrooms and Penthouse.

Project scale Lumiere Boulevard District 9

 Investor  Masterise Group
 Location  Front of Nguyen Xien, District 9, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City
 Name of project  Lumiere Boulevard
 total area  31,161 m2
 Scale Lumiere Boulevard
  • 5 blocks 35 floors high
  • Number of apartments: 2500 units
  • Area: 58 – 140 m2
 Building density  31,21%
 Juridical  Being royal
 House ownership certificate
  • Long-term ownership with Vietnamese people
  • Owning 50 years with Foreigners
 Quality  Branded apartment Lumiere Boulevard
 Product  Apartment

Location of apartment Lumiere Boulevard Nguyen Huu Tho

Located at the land fund number 116A, Nguyen Xien street, District 9, Thu Duc. Adjacent to the model urban area Vinhomes Central Park. This is one of the land funds that owns the gateway position for inter-regional transport connection, promoting the economy of the special East of the City with a series of key infrastructures being promoted: Cat Lai Industrial Park and Port Complex, Dau Giay - Long Thanh Expressway, Metro Line No.

Lumiere Boulevard

The location of the Lumiere Boulevard apartment complex is extremely favorable when all three sides of the project are adjacent to the main road and the other side is adjacent to the Saigon River. Besides, with the location adjacent to Nguyen Xien Street, connecting the center with the inter-regional highway in the East of the City, and next to the administrative center of District 9. With such a location, the project is Experts have positively evaluated the potential for the information that will establish Thu Duc City.

According to the planning policy of Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Huu Tho street is the backbone route of the East Saigon special economic zone, is part of the North-South axis with the starting point being National Highway 1A (Vung Tau intersection). The ending point is Cat Lai Industrial Park (District 2).

Currently, Nguyen Xien road has 4 lanes and will be expanded to 8 lanes in the future. In addition, the green strip of trees in the middle corridor is planned to become the No. 1 Metro line connecting directly from District 9 through Ben Thanh station (District 1), creating a smooth connection between the East area and the City Center. .

Vinhomes Central Park is known as the first Model City in District 9, with a total scale of nearly 400 hectares. As one of the cities - the most livable in the last decade. With a location adjacent to Vinhomes Central Park urban area, Lumiere Boulevard inherits thousands of high-class facilities serving the needs of shopping, cuisine, education, entertainment, entertainment, health care ...

Lumiere Boulevard

Vinhomes Central Park with a system of nearly 40 schools according to national and international standards

From the location of the Lumiere Boulevard apartment, within a 5-minute distance, residents can easily access outstanding utilities such as:

  • Commercial: Vincom Mega Mall, Lotte Mart, market
  • Education: System of more than 38 inter-schools inside Vinhomes Central Park urban area, in addition, there is an international university…
  • Healthcare: International Hospital, Vin Hospital
  • Places to visit: Artificial sea, natural lake, Marina…

In addition to owning the position adjacent to three major street frontages, Lumiere Boulevard is also embraced by the green Saigon River. In the past few years, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is facing a scarcity of urban projects because the new project licensing process is tightened, especially for "Riverside" projects, because according to the policy of Licensing of riverside projects to ensure riverine ecosystems. In addition, no one can deny the values from the river environment.

In addition, the rapid development of the inland waterway system in recent times has invisibly established new values for riverside projects, especially the concept of "5-star marina". “Increasingly popular in recent times for large-scale projects. Lumiere Boulevard apartment complex is designed and planned with a high-class marina with many piers, especially large yachts.

Lumiere Boulevard - green perspective

Utilities of Lumiere Boulevard Thu Duc apartment building

Lumiere Boulevard has surpassed a definition for a commercial real estate project that is a Downtown trending city of international standards, forming a green city that is very popular in Europe.

Lumiere Boulevard has a system of more than 50 high-class service items to help residents have a comfortable life such as:

  • Amusement parks
  • Marina
  • Riverside entertainment area
  • Internal green park
  • Health care hospital
  • International school system
  • Theater
  • Exhibition Center
  • Riverside walking street
  • Water Music
  • Pool
  • Basement parking can accommodate up to 5,000 seats
  • Riverside promenade
  • Theater in the sky
  • Spa
  • Yoga
  • BBQ Garden
  • Food court
  • Library
  • Community living room

Lumiere Boulevard

Utilities outside Lumiere Boulevard Saigon Dong

Masterise Homes has developed Lumiere Boulevard in the heart of a key area of Ho Chi Minh City as well as other neighboring provinces. The future project will form an advanced humanistic community with a modern living environment; facilities as well as contribute to the sustainable development of the whole society with existing utility items within a few kilometers such as: schools; hospital ; shopping supermarket and Vincom shopping mall;…

The project of apartment complex Lumiere Boulevard is deployed and built on a large scale of more than 3 hectares, including various types of apartments for living; hotel; service center; Theatre; school; international clinic… developed by Masterise Homes.

Lumière Boulevard project progress June 2022

Lumiere Boulevard - Belt 3

Lumiere Boulevard - progress in May_2022 Lumiere Boulevard - progress in May_2022

Contact Masterise Homes Owner – Lumière Boulevard

Lumiere Boulevard - Investor

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454

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