Peaceful space from balanced value and "wellness" utility system The Global City

Homebuyers tend to look for peaceful living spaces with many green areas, ensuring safety and owning a variety of utilities.


"A happy life consists in tranquility of mind" - Marcus Tullius Cicero, a famous Roman philosopher once said, has an implication of the importance of of peace of mind for every human being. In modern life, a peaceful life is one of the important standards of many communities when choosing a place to live and is also the pursuit of investors or real estate developers. , including Masterise Homes.


The value of peace is highly appreciated in modern life

In 2018, a survey by Savills Vietnam showed that location is the top concern for home buyers. In 2019, through a survey from Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report), the factors that have the greatest influence on customers' decision to buy a home are: investor reputation, price, respectively. overall, convenient location, quality, design, customer service, interior and exterior amenities and purchasing process.

By 2021, under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, homebuyers' "taste" continued to change. A survey by the website Batdongsan showed that the three aspects that buyers care about when considering a project are health, campus and operation management.

Most recently, according to Batdongsan's real estate consumer sentiment report in 2022, 61% of Vietnamese homebuyers want a house near green space and a garden. 45% are looking to move to suburbs and less crowded areas. This rate is higher among Vietnamese people who are elderly, married and have incomes of 20-70 million VND per month. This survey also shows that the top important factors that homebuyers want are: having a play area or learning area for children, close to green areas and public transport. In particular, many young single people prefer to be closer to green space, while people with small children prefer to have a children's area or study area.

From the above survey data, it can be seen that home buyers are now paying more attention to the factors that bring a peaceful and balanced life, instead of just looking at the value and potential of real estate. movables. Following the same trend, real estate investors and developers, such as Masterise Homes, have gradually introduced peaceful living values ​​to meet the increasing needs of Vietnamese people.


The Global City - Soho . townhouse subdivision


The Global City project is located in the East of Ho Chi Minh City

With a prime location, The Global City benefits from the potential for real estate development in the East of Ho Chi Minh City, while converging many advantages in terms of utilities, services, security... The project is expected. become a space that brings a complete peaceful living experience to the modern residential community.


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Peaceful space from balanced value and "wellness" utility system

Stemming from a thorough study of the "taste" of homebuyers through each stage, Masterise Homes found that the desire to live in peace is in fact always present in the Vietnamese point of view. Especially after the Covid-19 epidemic occurred, the psychology of homebuyers revealed the need to live in a green, safe and peaceful space.

At The Global City, each utility is imbued with balanced and health-oriented values, emphasizing a different experience. Every day, in the middle of green space accounting for more than 60% of the construction area, the elderly leisurely walk and exercise along the lakeside with an area of ​​4.8 hectares, while children freely play in the amusement park. widespread creativity.

With the orientation of an "all-in-one" living space, The Global City helps each family member feel truly secure at home, where all needs are fully met, from eating to sleeping. , play to work. In the future, it is not difficult to see "homeowners" passionately working at the open-air library and creative workspace, taking advantage of meetings at the Business Lounge, and then leisurely returning home to sum up. with relatives for dinner. Every free time, families go out together, shop on the premises or exercise at the gym, rooftop swimming pool ...

In the midst of a crowded city, The Global City still creates a feeling of an isolated and peaceful place, where each resident does not need to worry about the noise or hustle of the city. Besides, the chain of "wellness standard" health care facilities such as fresh air purification room, yoga meditation ground, will be a safe place for residents to fully enjoy a pure and relaxing time after each day. long tiring day.


Travel to The Global City


Unique facilities only at The Global City

True to the orientation of a peaceful home of Masterise Homes, residents living at The Global City always have a feeling of peace of mind when both security, safety and property value are protected thanks to our building management services. Masterise Property Management company. From the time of visiting the model house, choosing to buy an apartment that suits their needs, to receiving the house, residents are supported with complete and clear legal paperwork. In the process of living here, all activities of the resident community will also become lighter when cared for by "special butlers" from Masterise Property Management through privileged services 24/7.

“All these privileged services are designed to put peace of mind in the minds of our customers, with the peace of mind that their assets and family health are kept intact,” said Julian Wyatt, CEO. shared by Masterise Property Management.


Living at The Global City, each resident will experience a truly peaceful life, from material to spiritual, when all the diverse needs of each family member are fully met.


The Global City Masterise


For information about The Global City project contact:

– Address The Global City, front of Do Xuan Hop, District 2, City. Thu Duc

– Website: The Global City District 2

– Hotline: 0911 525 454


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