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People in Ho Chi Minh City increasingly appreciate the spiritual life, seeking living spaces that are in harmony with nature but still have to have private experiences. This trendy standard of living can only be found at The Global City apartment project, The Global City (Thu Duc City).

Opening the model house The Global City Thu Duc

Static - Dynamic harmony, balance the rhythm of life

Inspired by the lavish and bustling lifestyle of Europe, the apartment project The Global City is the most favored coordinate of The Global City urban area with a series of privileges not reserved for the masses. The trendy, vibrant life is combined with private and peaceful experiences at The Global City apartment alone, when the project brings all emotions, harmony between static and dynamic.

The Global City apartment brings a multi-dimensional experience when walking down the street is a bustling, vibrant life day and night, coming home is a quiet resort space in the middle of nature.

The trendy colors of The Global City apartment are located in a series of unique landscapes. More than a place to live, The Global City apartment is also a "British standard" resort exclusively for residents with a series of top-class amenities: international standard swimming pool, Southeast Asia's largest water music, street 2km riverside park, sports area, new boulevard... offers the ultimate privilege of rest, entertainment and relaxation 365 days a year.

Along with a vibrant and trendy living space, The Global City apartment also promotes private and artistic relaxation moments. With the advantage of 1-0-2 of the project, located next to the Long highway, next to a large park of tens of hectares right at The Global City apartment and a large river with an unobstructed view, up to 90 % of apartments at The Global City have views of the great park and low-rise area, which is considered a guarantee for a private resort life when each balcony is a unique painting.

The Global City Project

At the only project next to the tens of hectares of the park and the 2km long river park road, each apartment balcony is a unique, unique panorama.

Talking about The Global City apartment, the representative of the investor said: “We want to build a sustainable living space where residents have all the conditions to be "healthy" physically, "strong" mentally. , which satisfies all the needs of modern living, helps residents relieve stress and inspire positive emotions every day at home.”

The Global City - Trends

Full facilities for transportation, education and amenities

As the "heart" of The Global City, The Global City apartment inherits the privilege of quickly connecting to the creative hubs of Thu Duc city including: Administrative center of Thu Duc city - Thu Thiem , District 1, Saigon Hi-Tech Center (SHTP), Education Technology Center of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Tam Da Eco-Tech Park…

Surrounding the apartment project The Global City is the most modern education system with more than 20 prestigious schools such as University of Science and Technology, International University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Natural Sciences, and University of Science and Technology. Economics - Law (Ho Chi Minh City National University), University of Physical Education and Sports, University of Security, University of Police, University of Law, University of Banking, Fulbright University Vietnam...

The Global City

The full "5-star" living standard of residents of The Global City is also enhanced by the high-class utility ecosystem of the Greater City The Global City right next to it.

Le Ngoc Trinh, a future resident at The Global City shared: “The term full-option of technology products can be used to describe life at The Global City apartment, which is full of everything. anything, all high-class, trendy. I am also very satisfied with the location of the project, when all amenities are within quick connection. My family will have more time to enjoy life and connect, which I have long wanted.”

Perspective of The Global City 2 . apartment

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