The real estate frontage channel becomes a 'safe haven' for investors' capital flows

“Fronthouse” is always a desirable property in the long-standing concept of Vietnamese people, because of its ability to increase prices and profit potential even during difficult market times. And the attraction of the real estate line located on the arterial traffic routes continues to be demonstrated in the current period.

“Front house” or “street house” is the Vietnamese way of saying for real estate lines adjacent to traffic routes. According to experts, there are three main reasons for the sustainable price increase, along with the profit potential of projects with frontage locations.

Perspective of shophouse The Global City

Townhouse and ShopHouse SOHO The Global City

Firstly: Access to continuous traffic flow throughout the day has opened up commercial possibilities for the project, which increases rental efficiency and this effect is real.

Second: The location of the street frontage solves the inherent problems of alley houses or isolated areas such as difficult to move, difficult to find, security and hygiene not ensuring modern lifestyle... This is the reason. Why are high-end apartment projects always looking to locate on land positions that approach large roads to realize the vision of "one step down the street".

Third: Owning a frontage house or project with a frontage, and especially the facades of long-standing central core areas, is also a testament to the owner's position, demonstrating economic potential. The larger the road, the closer the location is to the centers, the more proof of the status of the owner.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that these "giants" are willing to spend heavily to own projects in areas with long-standing developed population, close to many famous landmarks. Also because of this factor, it is possible that the price of real estate on some streets in the core urban areas with long-term residents has outstanding prices when compared to areas closer to the center.

According to the survey, the value of one square meter of land in the front of Do Xuan Hop, Thu Duc City is estimated at around 300 million VND. It is known that this is the busiest street in the area, bustling both morning and night, is the location of the centuries-old Thu Duc market associated with generations of residents of Ho Chi Minh City.

Perspective of shophouse The Global City An Phu District 2 Masterise Homes

The Global City project is located in an existing densely populated area

“This area has long formed a bustling residential and commercial community, so within 3 minutes of moving from the project, residents can access utilities such as shops, supermarkets, etc. market, hospital, school system, university, office building, shopping brands, famous restaurants.” Representative of Masterise Homes – the project developer emphasized.

The Global City - Expectation to become_

The facade project is also increased in value by the luxury utility system with services designed and operated by international brands.

The value of front houses or facade projects is also recorded positively in the context of the market in a difficult position. In fact, facade real estate has a limited supply, it is because of this scarcity and the strength of its central location that helps these properties silently increase in value over time. Resonance with long-term rental profits, calculated in a period of 5-10 years, makes profits always flow to investors' pockets.

Foster + Partners & Quimera Energy Efficiency are two partners with Masterise Homes to create The Global City

This factor was also identified by a representative of a financial consulting company. According to him, in the period of 2022-2023, investors should only focus on real estate "front" with clear legality, good liquidity, and especially should choose places with relatively high population density. . The most priority is still the central real estate, not more than 1-3 km away from basic utilities such as roads, schools, markets - supermarkets, medical centers, entertainment ...

This expert's opinion is also reflected in reality. According to project developer Masterise Homes, during the second and third quarters of this year, The Global City project received a positive response from the market, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign customers and investors. Real estate investment capital is still flowing to projects with advantages of location, utilities operated by international brands...

The Global City - Roof-topping ceremony of LK01 range

“With more than 10 billion VND, you can buy a 2 bedroom apartment (70m2) in Thu Thiem, but you can own a townhouse Shophouse SOHO high-end in Thu Duc city center", emphasized a longtime broker in this area.

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