Cooperating with Druce (UK), The Global City investor expands the distribution of Vietnamese real estate to the world

Business partner Druce from the UK with 200 years of experience will help expand Masterise Homes' distribution network globally.

Masterise Group announced its cooperation strategy with Druce,

An international real estate consulting unit specializing in the distribution of high-end residential products in a central location. Established in 1822 in the UK, Druce has 200 years of experience in consulting sales and leasing of high-end and luxury real estate products in developed markets.

This will be a partner to help expand the distribution network of Masterise Homes' real estate products to the world. Druce will introduce to foreign investors projects including Grand Marina, Saigon (District 1, HCMC), The Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) ) and future high-rise subdivision at urban area Market The Global City (An Phu, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City).

Cooperating with Druce (UK), Masterise Group expands distribution of Vietnamese real estate to the world

Mr. Gibran Bukhari – Masterise Homes Business Unit Manager and Mr. Robert Bartlett – Druce Global General Manager signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Sharing about this author, Mr. Gibran Bukhari - Sales Manager of Masterise Homes said that Druce is part of Masterise Homes' plan to expand the distribution network of world-class real estate products in Vietnam. international markets. Experienced foreign investors in Vietnam's real estate market all rate this as an attractive investment destination with high yields. In the context that the world is gradually reopening after more than 2 years of the epidemic, this will be an opportunity to attract more strongly the demand for foreign investment in Vietnam, especially in products associated with the world's leading brand, globally recognized.

“We hope that cooperation with Druce will not only bring many successful transactions in the international market but also an opportunity for the world to know the historical - cultural - economic values ​​of Vietnam through the real estate project,” said Mr. Gibran Bukhari.

This is not the first time Masterise Homes has distributed its products in the international market. In 2021, this unit has successfully "exported" Marriott and JW Marriott branded apartments at Grand Marina, Saigon to the Hong Kong market. The success of this event is a premise for the plan to expand the distribution channel to other markets, thereby promoting the cooperation agreement between Masterise Group and Druce. This unit will represent the distribution of Masterise Group's products in developed countries such as Singapore, Dubai and Europe.

Mr. Robert Bartlett - General Director of Druce Global said, Vietnam is a market full of potential but not widely known in Western countries.

“When looking at the Vietnamese real estate market, we know that Masterise Homes is a developer that brings products associated with famous brands. That is the basis for us to confidently cooperate and introduce competitive products to investors around the world,” added Mr. Robert Bartlett.

Cooperating with Druce (UK), Masterise Group expands distribution of Vietnamese real estate to the world

Mr. Robert Bartlett – General Director of Druce Global

According to the plan, in the first phase, Druce will focus on distributing two branded real estate projects of Masterise Homes including Grand Marina, Saigon and The Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi. Both projects are located in prime locations in the city center and are associated with the luxury hotel brands of the world's leading resort group Marriott International.

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