Young families choose to change the green and open living space with The Global City apartment

Households are tending to change their preference to choose apartments with open space, many utilities, area from 75m2.


The trend of "expanding green living" of young families

The 30m2 apartment in Binh Tan district has been the residence of Gia Huy's family (35 years old, Kien Giang hometown) for about 5 years. The small house was arranged neatly by him and his wife, just to meet the needs of the couple. However, when the family has more child members and more and more furniture, the modest house is clearly inconvenient. Because of that, he considers moving to a new house about 70m2.

Meanwhile, Phuong Thanh's family of four (37 years old), is also living in an apartment of about 40m2 in District 6. Every time she buys things, she thinks carefully, because too much furniture makes the house. crowded, congested. She also only dares to meet friends and relatives at the restaurant, rarely invites you into the house, not to mention gathers and eats. The more she thought about it, the more she wished to live in a more open space, with trees, a lake… and had already made a financial plan to move house.


The Global City Townhouse 3


The apartments have green and spacious spaces that attract the attention of young families.

The wishes of Mr. Huy and Ms. Thanh are not in the minority. According to a recent real estate consumer psychology study published by PropertyGuru, up to 50% of respondents believe that the need to buy a larger house will increase, especially among people aged 30-39 years old. high-income group.


Perspective of The Global City townhouse


The demand to buy a house with lots of green and spacious space is increasing.

Similarly, when commenting on market trends in 2022, the Institute of Construction Economics, Ministry of Construction also assessed that the housing needs of households are changing according to the trend of prioritization. The apartment has an airy space, suitable area instead of choosing a small apartment in the central area.

“The context of prolonged social distancing due to Covid-19 and the rise of the trend of remote working, on-site relaxation ... are causing more and more people to be interested in apartments with two bedrooms or more. About 75m2 is an area enough to arrange and arrange furniture to meet the needs of living, resting, entertainment ... of all members, "said a representative of Thang Long Real Group.


The Global City Masterise


The Global City apartment meets the needs of spacious living space

After carefully analyzing the trends of homebuyers, Masterise Group develops The Global City project with products that suit the needs of the majority of young families. The project is located in The Global City residential area at Do Xuan Hop street, Binh An ward, Thu Duc city, consisting of two subdivisions with 10 tall towers with more than 18,000 luxury apartments.

The Global City apartment brings to the market more than 18,000 products, ranging from 1-2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedrooms to duplexes, commercial and serviced apartments and penthouses (apartment located on the top floor). top floor of the building)…

The project developer emphasized, the product line of two-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​from 76m2, is designed to optimize living space for young families, newlyweds or young children. Particularly in the new tower, the investor develops a line of two-bedroom corner apartments with three balconies.

“In the Ho Chi Minh City market, three-balcony apartments are usually only available in three-bedroom, duplex or penthouse apartments. However, at The Global City project, even in the two-bedroom apartment, we also optimize the number of balconies, providing a space between indoor and outdoor for homeowners to freely create a relaxing space. , enjoy life", a representative of the project development unit shared.


The two-bedroom apartment products with an area of ​​from 76m2 to 82m2 of the project capture the interest of investors and real buyers.

Minh Tuan, an apartment buyer, appreciates the investor's care. “This project has a construction density of 25-28%, showing the investor's appreciation for the value of nature and community health. When living here, my family can enjoy the fresh air and be in harmony with nature," he said.

Meanwhile, many investors are looking for opportunities to own apartments in Thu Duc City, such as The Global City, with the goal of anticipating the potential increase in real estate prices in the rapidly developing new city of Vietnam. East area.

In addition to the living space filled with green, the chain of modern utilities also contributes to raising the lifestyle of project residents. It is a cluster of infinity pools with more than thousands of square meters, a BBQ garden, a children's play area, a multi-purpose outdoor sports area... at the utility floors, meeting a variety of needs for relaxation and enjoyment. of residents of all ages.


The Global City Thu Duc


A chain of modern utilities elevates the lifestyle of project residents.

Also, at the podium floor of The Global Project City, the developer also arranges commercial and service apartments. In the near future, this area will form a shopping street, a stopover for high-end brands in the field of restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, fashion shops, etc. to serve shopping needs. , entertainment, cuisine of residents.


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