The Global City real estate project continuously receives price increases

The opening of phase 1 of the water music zone at The Global City is receiving positive feedback. Where will be the next bullish push?

According to Masterise Homes, The Global City in September is particularly attracting the attention of many customers. Partly because the market is warming up after a dark month, combined with the bright spot about opening credit rooms for banks, partly thanks to the heat of the opening of phase 1 of the water music zone in the big city.

Masterise Homes Opening Southeast Asia's leading water music zone at The Global City

The opening of phase 1 of the water music zone confirms the heat and the push to increase prices for The Global City

It can be said that this is one of the first pushes for the value of The Global City and the SOHO townhouse subdivision that is open for sale. It is expected that The Global City will continue to receive many price increases from the utility milestones of the project and the surrounding infrastructure.

According to the plan, The Global City will open a model house cum lifestyle hub and put into operation the entire 2km-long artificial canal system in the last months of 2022. After that, It is expected that in early 2023, the entire system of canal green parks will be completed and put into operation.

The Global City real estate project continuously receives price increases

The Global City continues to open the model house cum lifestyle hub at the end of this year.

These will be the "magnets" to attract tourists and residents to The Global City, affirming the "new center" of Ho Chi Minh City. The canal system together with the water music zone, the park area and greenery surrounding the canal and the lifestyle center create a rare large-scale entertainment destination for everyday city dwellers. after work and every weekend. The attraction of those facilities partly paints the busy and bustling scene of the new center of the city, affirming the commercial potential and future promotion value of SOHO townhouses.

Mr. Ha – an investor in Ho Chi Minh City shared: “I have chosen to buy SOHO townhouses since May, recently when the project opened the water music area and held The Fountain Festival, there were people My friend in Hanoi contacted me to inquire about this project. Thus, it can be seen that the echo of the event is significantly increasing the investment demand of customers in The Global City. I believe that the more complete the project, the higher this demand will be, thereby increasing the value of my investment product.”

This is the time when The Global City continues to deploy large-scale infrastructure facilities of the megacity such as 123,000 m2 Grade A shopping malls, hospitals and international schools. These works affirm the worth living value and promote the investment value of The Global City.

According to estimates by Masterise Homes, with the current number of townhouses, villas and apartments, the population size in this mega-city can reach up to 37,000 people, becoming an abundant source of potential customers and help increase the rent of SOHO townhouses.

The Global City has two fronts adjacent to the two most important roads in the East Saigon area: the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway and Do Xuan Hop street - the backbone route connecting through the new Thu Duc city ( Old District 9). Thanks to that strategic location, the megacity benefits from many major traffic projects being heavily invested by the Government and Ho Chi Minh City.



In the middle of May 2022, the Ministry of Transport assigned the Vietnam Expressway Development Investment Corporation (VEC) to prepare investment plans to expand the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway. The existing expressway that increases traffic volume by 10% every year cannot meet the travel demand, so VEC invests in the entire route from the third quarter of 2022, expanding it to 8 lanes from the intersection of the Ring Road II in Ho Chi Minh City to the intersection of Ho Chi Minh City. intersection with the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway project with a length of about 20 km. It is expected that by the end of 2025, the expanded expressway will be put into operation at the same time as the inauguration of phase I of Long Thanh airport, the nation's largest infrastructure project to help Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces "take off" with friends. internationally, competing with the hub model in Singapore, Thailand...

Long Thanh airport alone is expected to serve 100 million passengers/year when it comes into operation, only 40 km from Ho Chi Minh City and most of the passengers going to/from Long Thanh airport are via the Ho Chi Minh City - Long expressway. If Thanh - Dau Giay is expanded, you know how much the main traffic volume on this road is. Currently, the 4-lane highway is overloaded, serving about 45,000 - 50,000 vehicles per day (up to 60,000 vehicles per day during Tet). As for the expansion, the traffic volume through this route will double, leading to the increase in the commercial and service values ​​of this route.

The Global City

Besides, also during this time, the roads around the project are expected to complete the expansion plan such as Do Xuan Hop street to 60m, Nguyen Duy Trinh street to 30m, Lien Phuong street connecting radially, Metro line No. 1, Ring Road 2 and An Phu intersection.

This is an intersection invested by Ho Chi Minh City with nearly VND 4000 billion with a unique 3-storey design (elliptical island), the top of the tower is 36m high. This project is expected to start construction this year and complete in 2025, at the same time as the extended Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway is put into operation. Ho Chi Minh City real estate industry agrees that this intersection will add value to the central East area, attract traffic in the area and increase the spillover value for projects like The Global City nearby. .

"Foreign" impact

Foster + Partners & Quimera Energy Efficiency are two partners with Masterise Homes to create The Global City

Masterise Homes officially cooperates with Druce - a leading real estate consultant from the UK - to "export" the high-rise products of The Global City to international markets. Photo: Masterise Homes

Another driving force behind The Global City's price increase, according to Mr. Gibran Bukhari - Sales Manager, Masterise Homes is foreign capital. “We now have a plan to 'export' The Global City's high-rise products to international markets, through cooperation with Druce," said Mr. Gibran. “Over the past two years, the demand for real estate investment of foreign customers in the Vietnamese market has more or less decreased due to the epidemic. As the world is gradually reopening, Masterise Homes confidently brings its world-class products to the international market to introduce and attract investment. That foreign customer base will contribute to increasing the heat and investment value of The Global City.”

The Global City is the first international standard urban complex in Vietnam designed and planned by the world's leading architectural firm from the UK Foster + Partners.

The Global City

With a scale of 117.4ha, The Global City is positioned to become a symbolic urban area of ​​the whole Southeast Asia region, a new center of Ho Chi Minh City with full facilities, promising to bring a unique atmosphere. comfortable and modern living space according to international standards for residents in particular.

Learn more about The Global City at: https:/ /


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