The location of The Global City is more prominent than "City within a city"

The Global City is a complex urban area that has just been deployed by the famous Masterise Homes Group in Ho Chi Minh City. Prominent with the "terrible" scale, the project will provide quality living places with full amenities but also create new and international living values.


The location of The Global City is currently a factor that has received great attention from customers as well as investors in recent times. Possessing a "golden coordinate" converging numerous advantages, the project will certainly be the "name" that continues to rock the real estate market in the near future.


Location of The Global City project

Location of The Global City project


Where is The Global City located?

The Global City project is located on the front of Do Xuan Hop Street, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to Lien Phuong Street. Located here, the project is highly appreciated by experts for its profitability when owning the "golden coordinates" that many "big men" aspire to have.

Located on the banks of Rach Chiec River, The Global City is the "last diamond" left in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, which inherits invaluable "privileges" of mobility as well as living space. Promising to be the perfect place to settle down, conquering all desires of the elite and rich.

Located next to the arterial roads and metro infrastructure, the movement of residents becomes extremely easy and fast, especially the accessibility to the bustling downtown area.

It can be seen that, The Global City converges 3 expensive factors that create preeminent value for real estate: "near-sighted, close-range, near-road". This is the reason why the project receives great attention from customers and investors, not only as a perfect place to live but also as potential profitable "addresses".



The Global City – “goose that lays golden eggs” for wise investors

The first factor that has the greatest impact on the investment potential of real estate projects is the location. Thanks to its location at the "golden coordinate", The Global City inherits a lot of outstanding advantages from infrastructure, especially when it is receiving a "huge" investment from the state government.


What specific mechanism for Thu Duc city to develop?

Habitat around The Global City


Accordingly, the entire infrastructure here is being planned and synchronized with a "speedy" progress, giving the area a completely new look. This is the driving force for The Global City's value to grow stronger in the future, becoming a "golden egg" for investors.


2022 - 2026 (4 years) What will The Global City urban area look like?.


After the city highway. Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay was put into operation, the connectivity of Ho Chi Minh City to satellite urban areas became faster. With a location located at a key "lifeline" of the City, the value of the project will certainly become more attractive in the future, especially when the market is starting to have "booms" like today. now.

In addition to the synchronous and complete completion of the infrastructure, The Global City also has many other valuable advantages that come from the main location of quality living space and the completeness of utilities. This is also the driving force that makes the project an ideal place to live in the East Saigon area, helping to improve liquidity and investment ability.

Recently, sharing details about the location and potential of The Global City urban area, the Sales Department hopes that customers will capture more interesting reading materials for themselves.


Project website: The Global City Thu Duc


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