Luxury apartment in the center of District 2, Thu Duc

For the elite, a place of residence is not only a place to return to, but also must be suitable for the cultural background, personal standards and a measure of affirmation of the owner's class. King Crown Infinity focuses on aesthetics, design and utility to meet this segment.

When the upper class chooses a house, many people do not calculate the details to every square meter, but are interested in apartments commensurate with the owner's class, expressed through location, aesthetic design, luxurious facilities, Rare view, high-class service… Many apartments are reserved for the elite in skyscrapers in the middle of bustling New York such as 56 Leonard (Manhattan) or CitySpire cloud apartment, or Clermont Residence apartment in Singapore with a panoramic view of the city. Prices for such apartments are tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars.


Building 56 Leonard (Manhattan) is located in an expensive location that makes the elite aspire to own


Luxury apartment in the center of District 2, Thu Duc


In Vietnam, the demand for real estate ownership of the elites also has many similarities, from the strict requirements on aesthetics, location, living environment, to the ability to meet the convenience and convenience. Rich benefits come along, suitable for the trend of "one stop shopping" - one destination, ten thousand services - being popular. After the epidemic period, the elite community aims to enjoy a lifestyle of enjoyment, with the core values ​​of an isolated, safe, space-filled residential area and full service.


The Global City – convergence of privileged living values

The elite in Vietnam are interested in Thu Duc City (under Ho Chi Minh City) due to many advantages and potentials. After planning, this city owns a series of essential inner-city roads such as Hanoi Highway, Pham Van Dong Boulevard... and holds important traffic projects such as the Metro Ben Thanh elevated railway line - Suoi Tien is nearing completion. Beautiful areas like Binh Tho are located at the gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, creating favorable conditions for Thu Duc City to develop infrastructure, bringing with them the potential to become the economic, financial and people's center of economic development. Vietnam economy.


The Global City


The Global City owns the central location of Thu Duc City with the focal point connecting the region.

Including The Global City, a complex of commercial services and high-class apartments of Masterise Homes development unit of Masteris Group, a project that promises to be a symbol of the region; meet the standards required by an elite community in a settlement.

The Global City owns a planned location right in the connection center of Thu Duc City. The project is located on the frontage of the main arterial roads of the city, Do Xuan Hop and Highway, adjacent to the center of An Phu and Thu Thiem, easily connecting to the center of District 1 (HCMC), metro station and airport. The project is located in an existing residential area, for convenient transport links and for potential price increases in the future.

Developer Masterise Homes has arranged for the project the 30-storey twin tower project with lines that are both soft and curving, and show the stability ahead of time. Above is a system of high-class apartments designed elaborately in every square meter; Smart layout and arrangement to create an airy space combined with a direct view of the vibrant city. In addition, the apartment/floor density is low, which also brings convenience and standard luxury environment for residents to live.


The Global City - Trends


The internal facilities of the luxury living area bring privileged living values ​​to successful residents.

Meeting the trend of settlement and enjoyment of the elite, at The Global City, there will be dozens of different privileged internal utilities, meeting all needs at the doorstep. With the podium of the commercial center, the floors are developed according to the "all in one" model - all services in one space, the dining, shopping and entertainment needs of residents are all covered. satisfy without having to travel far. The inspiration from Namba green park (Japan) and the unique design of the atrium core also create a unique experience, bringing the green color of the trees mixed with urban modernity into the space of "indoor walking street". home” in Vietnam.


HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year


The Global City converges the value of living in each resident's experience.

More than a residence, The Global City offers 2 "dynamic" spaces on the floors - including a swimming pool, elevated jogging track, gym, children's playground... and "static" on the floors - including a yoga room. and meditation. Those are all high-class facilities of international standards, creating a space to connect generations of elite and same-class residents, allowing owners to experience the feeling of resorting at a resort right in the area. their living area.

“This is a high-end project in the central area of ​​Thu Duc City. This place can converge a community of residents with the same cultural standards. A community with a good sense will help ensure quality as well as a safe living space, meeting the needs of enjoyment and entertainment," commented Mr. Manh Dung, an investor in Thu Duc City.

Mr. Dung added: “The reputation of the developer is also guaranteed when the project is guaranteed by many big banks like Techcombank… which helps me feel more secure when making investments. In addition, the project also has many attractive incentives on payment methods, when it is expected that you only need to pay 15% of the value of the apartment to receive a house, and at the same time be supported with loans up to 70%, interest rates 0% 24 months and 0% prepayment fee”.

With what is gradually taking shape at King Crown Infinity, the project developer The Global City said that it is implementing the right concept of creating a luxury real estate product in the center of Thu Duc City with a unique value system. sturdy three-legged: Unique location – privileged utility – limited edition.


Detailed information about the project at website: https: //


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