Commitment to leasing at The Global City, great business potential with breakthrough policy..

With the goal of always creating more added value for customers, Masterise Homes has launched a breakthrough policy "COMMITMENT TO LEASE WITH THE QUALITY PRICE OF DISTRICT 1", exclusively for SOHO subdivision.

Commitment to rent at The Global City

Commitment to rent at The Global City

  • For the first time, customers investing in a shophouse do not have to worry about financial costs because there is a guaranteed rental price for 12 months.
  • At the same time, Masterise Homes supports basic interior finishing and connects customers with tenants who are famous F&B & retail brands from Singapore.


With a breakthrough policy and strong points such as a prime location and many high-class facilities, SOHO townhouses promise to open up potential business opportunities for owners.

Commercial townhouses with large street frontage attract customers, why are prices constantly increasing?

Scale of The Global City project

Name of project:The Global City
Location:An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Investor:Masterise Homes
Development:Masterise Homes
Design:Foster and Partner
Construction:Central, Delta, An Phong…
Management and Operation:Artelia
Distribution company:Thuan Hung Group
Product type:Apartments, commercial townhouses, villas, office buildings,…
Project scale: 1,174,221.9 m²
Building density:30%
Utilities:The Grade A commercial center area is 4.1 hectares wide, more than 125,000 square meters of floor 2km long canal – “The Canal of Love” – Bay of love, with the largest modern water music system in Southeast AsiaNearly 13 hectares of green area system of international schools and hospitals
Starting construction - handing over the house: Year 2021 – 2024 (48 months)
Ownership:Vietnamese own long-term, foreigners (NNN) own 50 years.
Project status:Developing townhouses/Shophouses in SOHO . subdivision

Contact The Global City via:

Phone: : 0911 525 454

Sales consulting office: THE GLOBAL CITY, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project address: THE GLOBAL CITY, An Phu Ward, City. Thu Duc, City. Ho Chi Minh


Frequently asked questions

  • Potential exploitation of townhouses/shophouses for rent in The Global City?

    Currently, the rental price of facades in District 1 ranges from 100 million - 180 million VND/month for apartments from 300-400m2 of construction floor, SOHO . townhouse with a commitment of an average rental price of 150 million VND/month x 12 months = 1.8 billion VND/year (area of nearly 500m2), and there is still the potential to increase rent when the urban area is completed.

  • Will Masterise Homes find tenants or potential customers?

    Not only committing to rent, Masterise Homes actively signed with partners with famous F&B and retail brands in Singapore that will do business in the Soho subdivision. Thus, the owners of Soho townhouses will not waste time looking for tenants because the tenants from Singapore all have long-term business plans in Vietnam.

  • What factors will attract customers to The Global City?

    With the advantage of location, planning of The Global City and international-class facilities that other urban areas do not have such as the largest water music park in Southeast Asia, the 200 billion invested Theme park is coming soon. 2023… and many exciting events taking place every week, surely the business points at SOHO will attract a lot of city people to come and entertain, even if the project is not completed. The owner does not have to worry about traffic, and at the same time, the number of international visitors coming here to experience will be interested in learning and looking for business opportunities at the project.


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