Elements of luxury living standards at The Global City townhouse project

The project of the developer Masterise Homes owns central coordinates, luxurious design with diverse utilities, gathering an elite community of residents... all make up the value of an iconic building, a safe place. Standard living in the heart of District 2, Thu Duc City.


Thu Duc City was established with the orientation to become a new economic center of prosperous and vibrant Ho Chi Minh City; thereby creating a strong boost to the real estate business (real estate) in the region. The focus of which is the developer Masterise Homes - a member of the Masterise group with The Global City. The project attracts attention when it holds many advantages from design, location to internal utilities, and creates a new standard of living in the heart of the creative city.


The Global City - Expectation to become_


Central coordinates, prosperous urban life

One of the things that makes a real estate project attractive is the location. Thu Duc City itself is well planned, holds an essential position in the southern key economic region, plays the role of connecting Ho Chi Minh City and the Southeast provinces.

In the midst of that energetic life, The Global City owns "central coordinates" right in front of Do Xuan Hop Street and Song Hanh Highway, bringing a series of conveniences from its arterial location and infrastructure. complete transportation, public administrative services, diverse internal and external utility systems. They meet all the needs from shopping to studying, medical to recreational activities of residents.

Only 5 minutes away from the center of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to the metro station creates the advantage of smooth traffic connectivity, allowing investors to be confident in the future price increase potential of this project.


The design language is luxurious, worthy of the icon


Foster + Partners & Quimera Energy Efficiency are two partners with Masterise Homes to create The Global City


Positioned in the luxury segment, Masterise Homes created The Global City to become a worthy symbol of prosperity for Thu Duc City. Under the advice and design of Foster & Partners, SOHO The Global City townhouses all have an architectural style that is deconstructed, both bold and firm, soft and winding, interacting in harmony with the landscape. landscape, culture and inhabitants.


The outstanding and luxurious architecture of SOHO townhouses in The Global City project


Perspective of shophouse The Global City


The symbolism of the project is concretized thanks to the talented hands of Foster & Partners, to create a light show right at The Global City at sunset. Create emotional vibrant colors commensurate with the stature of a regional icon, converging aesthetic and modern values.


One step to the heart of the commercial center (TMC)


HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year


In a busy era, real estate projects with integrated shopping centers become a big plus for those looking for a place to settle down, and The Global City owns that.


The space is covered with a large green area 13ha


The Global City Project


Around The Global City townhouses, connecting a system of high-class apartments with shopping centers and green parks up to 13 hectares, bringing an "all in one" multi-utility complex to fully meet the needs of dining, shopping and entertainment while living in a busy urban area. Inside the urban area, there is the appearance of "the second largest water music area in Southeast Asia" with a different design style, harmonizing the green colors with the modern look of the city, creating a contract space. harmony between man and nature.

In addition, a busy shopping mall is also an ideal advantage to attract investors, creating potential for future price increases when it comes into operation.


Diverse utilities, relaxing "Wellness" lifestyle with the sound of a resort resort

At The Global City, not only shopping centers, residents also have access to more than 100+ privileged internal facilities, meticulously elaborated to create a luxurious living standard, "wellness". An active life with a gym, an aerial jogging track, or a relaxing experience like a resort by a large swimming pool with sparkling street views, dotted with moments of relaxation and retreat at the hotel. high floor yoga space, or cozy family reunion at the BBQ area, outdoor dining. All create a diverse, high-class and full-fledged living experience.

The service experience at The Global City promises to follow international standards when operated and managed by Artelia - one of the world's leading apartment operators and managers.


Location of Soho The Global City townhouse


Flexible payment policy and many incentives are also the points that make The Global City Thu Duc becomes an attractive investment opportunity. Currently, customers only need to pay 15% of the apartment value to be able to receive a house. In addition, the project is guaranteed by major banks Tecombank... with incentives such as loan support. This demonstrates the prestige and capacity of the investor, as well as eases the financial problems for investors before making a decision.


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