Advantages when buying ready-built townhouses in Thu Duc city

Compared with the option of "buying a house on paper", buying a house when it is completed brings peace of mind in terms of legality and progress. While most investors sell houses formed in the future, some investors are consistent with the direction of completing all legal documents, sometimes building nearly finished before opening for sale.

Mr. Le Hoang Chau - Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) said that the plan to build a house before selling it requires investors to have strong financial potential. From the investor's perspective, the sale of the house after construction is also part of the strategy of building corporate brand reputation.

"Customers benefit the most when choosing to buy ready-made houses," the expert assessed.

The Global City - Progress October 2022

The Global City – Progress October 2022

Peace of mind about legal and liquidity

Currently, many people "buying houses on paper" have problems related to legal issues and risks due to delayed projects. In many cases, customers have paid a few hundred to a billion dong to the investor, but the project still cannot be implemented, or only builds the foundation and then stops construction because it is not eligible for sale.

Meanwhile, completed real estate projects mean that all legal documents are complete, bringing peace of mind to buyers.

In the Ho Chi Minh City market, Masterise Group has the strength in developing a chain of new legal projects that have been opened for sale in recent years. The project recently completed and opened for sale by the enterprise is The Global City in Thu Duc city. The high-class project is located in the existing population of townhouses and villas, which owns a green living environment and a highly educated residential community.

According to a representative of The Global City, with a group of customers buying houses to live in, when they learn about a housing project with real needs, they will feel secure when they see the legal documents are transparent and complete, the project also Construction is near completion. With a group of investors with a long-term vision, a project with complete and ready-made legal documents will help investment activities be more favorable. Profits are also higher, limiting the risks of late construction or late payment of documents.

"Marketing item" of products before investing

In addition to legal completion, the advantage of ready-built house projects is the synchronization of products, utilities and surrounding landscape, helping customers to clearly visualize the future house. In addition, investors can also make a more accurate assessment of the product's value by observing the actual planning overview of the project, as well as the surrounding community.

Impressive numbers at The Global City

A representative of Masterise Group said that for house projects with full legal documents, almost completed and sold, this business often focuses on resources to develop modern utilities and large green spaces. . In addition, the unit also invests heavily in architecture, interior and exterior materials, and the design of living space.

“It's all about building trust for customers from the first time they see the house”, representative The Global City said.

The products at The Global City are fully legal. Each apartment is also committed by the investor to hand over according to the prescribed schedule, meeting the careful psychology of customers and investors at the present time.

The Global City includes 1800 townhouses, villas and mansions with neoclassical design style, complete with the entire landscape and multi-purpose utility system, meeting the standard of living like a resort. Products are ready to be delivered from the end of the year.

The Global City Project

Utilities - complete landscape contributes to building trust for customers

Currently, the investor has implemented flexible support policies, attractive incentives with many options of payment methods, helping customers balance their finances. In addition, buyers can borrow 100% of the townhouse they buy from Techcombank.

According to Mr. Ho Dac Duy - Senior Manager of Savills Housing Business Division, mainland real estate is an effective investment channel and a safe haven in the context of rising inflation in the near future. . This product line is suitable for investors with stable financial flow who can invest in the medium and long term.


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