Values when investing in SOHO townhouses at The Global City HCMC

The townhouse product line attracts attention in the market, in which the SOHO subdivision at The Global City has many investment advantages, attracting buyers in 2022. 


Perspective of shophouse The Global City


Time advantage

According to a survey of many market research units, real estate is still the preferred investment channel for many investors in the face of fluctuations and uncertainties in 2022. Survey of market research institute Dat Xanh Services (DXS), up to 64% of surveyed people choose real estate as their preferred type of investment for profit in 2022. Investors still have a preference for land houses and in the context of a scarcity in Ho Chi Minh City. supply is scarce, this segment tends to increase prices in the whole market.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Phuc - a long-time investor in Ho Chi Minh City is confident in the potential price increase of SOHO subdivision. He cited the story of the price increase of townhouse products in Thu Duc City that most projects such as Van Phuc City, Lakeview City increased by an average of 70-80% after 2-3 years, even the case As successful as Sala, there are many townhouses that have increased in price 3-4 times after 5 years.


SOHO commercial townhouses attract many investors.

Mr. Phuc analyzed: “From now until the entire urban area is completed and handed over, it will take nearly 4 years; in which each completed milestone in utilities and infrastructure promises to be a boost to the price SOHO townhouse so the price per batch will be higher”. Mr. Phuc decided to put money down for SOHO because he thought that the first batches of goods such as SOHO subdivision would be a good opportunity to optimize profits.


Shophouse The Global City 5


Long-term upside advantage

Data from JLL Vietnam shows that the primary selling price of townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City has increased by 73% in the past 4 years, from the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2022. Currently, the primary selling price of villas and townhouses reaches the price of 11,000 USD/m2 and 9,300 USD/m2, respectively.

A representative of Colliers Vietnam said that there are many factors that make real estate prices in Thu Duc City likely to continue to increase in the future. In addition to the planning information, the belief in the future of Thu Duc City of people with real housing needs, investors and investors is one of the important reasons for the rapid increase in house prices.

In the next 3-4 years, many infrastructure upgrading projects of Thu Duc City will be completed and put into operation, such as expanding Long Thanh Dau Giay highway, building An Phu intersection, expanding Do Xuan Hop, Le Van Viet, La Xuan Oai, Nguyen Duy Trinh... These are the driving forces behind the long-term price increase for The Global City in general and SOHO townhouses in particular.


SOHO commercial townhouses meet the needs of residential, business and investment.


Perspective of the townhouse The Global City An Phu District 2 Masterise Homes


Rental advantage

Mr. Le Hai Phu, a Hanoi customer who chooses to invest in SOHO townhouses, highly appreciates the rental potential of this subdivision at The Global City.

Mr. Phu analyzed that the rental price of townhouses and shophouses in densely populated urban areas and projects in An Phu ward, Thu Duc city can be up to 100-150 million/month. With the trend of moving to the East, he believes that the rent of townhouses will increase gradually over time because of the increasing number of visitors to The Global City.

With a "golden" position in The Global City, right next to the 123,000 m2 commercial center, adjacent to Do Xuan Hop street, SOHO subdivision plays the role of a gateway, welcoming a large flow of visitors. goods to the new center of Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the project developer, The Global City can accommodate up to 192,000 visitors per weekend, with exciting entertainment, entertainment and dining activities. Utilities such as shopping centers, hospitals, schools, Love Bay with the largest water music area in Southeast Asia ... will attract visitors to the new center of the city.

Besides, with a large area including high-rise and low-rise housing components, The Global City is expected to become one of the large-scale residential areas of Thu Duc City. It is estimated that with the current number of townhouses, villas and apartments of The Global City, the population size at The Global City can reach 37,000 people, becoming an abundant source of potential customers of The Global City. SOHO townhouses.


SOHO townhouse has a "golden" location, adjacent to Do Xuan Hop street, Thu Duc city.


The Global City


Financial support

The investor said that SOHO townhouses are supporting a financial package that supports a grace period of both principal and interest up to 24 months. Meanwhile, it is expected that in 2023 SOHO subdivision will be handed over to customers, which means that investors have 18 months to make a profit and balance cash flow before paying principal and interest according to the plan. bank policy.

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