Ecological urban areas are always of great interest, favored by customers who prefer "green living.

Moving towards a life in harmony with nature every day, breathing in fresh air, and admiring the peaceful scenery on the water surface, city dwellers are shifting towards eco-cities in satellite and suburban areas.

Trend of shifts in the real estate market

40% of real estate companies in the Asia-Pacific region are shifting towards a goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions, while another 40% say they will do so before 2025, according to Jones Lang LaSalle.

The shift of real estate businesses has prompted the emergence of eco-cities such as Fujisawa (Japan) or Dongtan (Shanghai, China)... This trend has expanded to the scale of a city or a country, including Singapore. With 300 parks and 9,000 hectares of greenery, Singapore's green space covers nearly 50% of its territory - a desirable ratio for many cities around the world.

Impressive & unique figures in The Global City urban area

The trend of "green living" is attracting families in the city to eco-urban areas.

In Vietnam, real estate enterprises are also following this trend. They are not only accompanying the Government in fulfilling commitments at COP26, but also responding to the demand of the people by creating eco-friendly urban areas with green spaces that benefit health.

According to the report on the psychology and real estate consumer index in Vietnam by the specialized website, 61% of those surveyed said they prefer living near green spaces and gardens, and 45% are looking to move to the suburbs and less crowded areas.

Sustainable solutions according to COP26 of urban projects in HCMC
Sustainable solutions in line with COP26 for The Global City urban project in Ho Chi Minh City

"Green oases" in the heart of the city.

In Vietnam, some real estate developers have pioneered in building eco-urban areas to meet the growing demand of customers.

Phu My Hung (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) is one of the earliest projects to appear in the Southern region. It is one of the first projects to choose a low building density, with only 26% on a total area of over 433 hectares.

The difference of the living environment here is that it has created a harmonious balance between the river area of ​​over 50 hectares with parks and green planting areas of ​​about 124 hectares. In recent years, this urban area has still maintained a high average green space ratio (about 8.9 m2/person), playing the role of "green lungs" for the entire southern region of Ho Chi Minh City.

Meanwhile, in the East of Ho Chi Minh City, in Thu Duc City, it is more mentioned as "urban mega-population" The Global City, with an area of ​​​​over 117 hectares, belongs to the leading group in the market present in terms of scale. The common point of this great project with Phu My Hung is low construction density, as in the first phase, SOHO The Global City Townhouse, the construction density is about 20-25%. All residential subdivisions are embraced by parks, along with a system of "wonders" of rivers and lakes, helping residents enjoy pure and fresh air every day.

The largest commercial center in Vietnam at The Global City Thu Duc

Living in harmony with nature in the heart of The Global City

"The Global City super urban complex" has created a unique tropical paradise within the city after 2 years of implementation. The ecological space was given priority in creation and completion before residents moved in, for example, 13 hectares of green landscapes at The Global City or a 2km long canal; the largest water music show in Southeast Asia..."

Water music The Global City

The Global City also demonstrates the superiority of the investor by determinedly achieving a feat of bringing a whole city into the heart of the city. As a result, a vibrant "green paradise" has formed in the east of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Global City: The Fountain Festival attracts more than 1,500 visitors every weekend

Residents of The Global City get to live amidst a complete "green ecosystem".

Residents at The Global City not only enjoy a green living environment but also have access to services within an increasingly completed green ecosystem. This is an opportunity to work in green projects that meet the world's strict standards.

In fact, few urban areas in Vietnam have a full range of sports communities, from cycling, running, badminton, basketball, tennis, football, swimming, and even rowing right within the project. The Global City not only creates "green islands" but also changes the lifestyle of residents towards increasingly healthy and positive direction.

The above factors turn Masterise Homes' ecological urban areas into "magnets" attracting the migration flow of residents. In the future, as transportation infrastructure continues to be improved, this migration flow will become increasingly active.

The front gate of The Global City model house

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