Three infrastructure projects will increase the value of The Global City upon completion

Located in a strategic position in Thu Duc City, which has received strong government investment in infrastructure, the new center, THE GLOBAL CITY, will experience a significant increase in value thanks to three key transportation projects.

Tien do The Global City thang 6 năm 2023

The three infrastructure projects surrounding the New Center are:

  1. Third quarter of 2023: Metro Line 1 is scheduled to become operational, reducing travel time from District 1 to Thu Duc City and providing additional transportation options for urban residents.
  2. Second quarter of 2025: The completion of the An Phu Junction will contribute to solving the traffic congestion issue in the eastern gateway area of the city, enhancing connectivity from the Mai Chi Tho area (District 2) to THE GLOBAL CITY urban area.
  3. In 2027, the completion of the Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway expansion to 8 lanes, in sync with the An Phu Junction, will boost regional connectivity and bring a high volume of traffic to the entire urban area, contributing to the economic development of the entire region.

In addition, several other infrastructure projects in the surrounding area, such as the completion of the Liên Phường Road connection and the successful expansion of Đỗ Xuân Hợp Road, will contribute to establishing The Global City as the most prestigious urban area in the region.


Having faith in the genuine values that The Global City brings, many customers have chosen to make long-term investments here to fully enjoy its attractive profit potential, as well as to experience an internationally standard of living in the new center.

3 ly do nen dau tu dai han vao The Global City

1. Clear potential of a developing New Center: A series of unique amenities at The Global City are quickly becoming operational, such as the Sales Gallery serving as a lifestyle hub, the largest water music area in Southeast Asia, and a multitude of vibrant events and festivals held regularly.

3 ly do nen dau tu dai han vao The Global City

2. Seizing profitable opportunities as the urban area and surrounding infrastructure reach completion: With each completed amenity or sub-area, there will be significant price appreciation for early investors. Additionally, being strategically located and benefiting from the surrounding infrastructure, such as the completion of the Metro in 2023, the operation of the An Phú interchange in 2025, and the expanded Long Thành - Dầu Giây highway in 2027, offers great advantages.

3 ly do nen dau tu dai han vao The Global City

3. Comprehensive legal framework and commitment from Masterise Homes: Not only do they uphold their commitment to timelines, but Masterise Homes also develops projects with full legal compliance in accordance with government regulations. Particularly, all properties at THE GLOBAL CITY are delivered with land ownership certificates (pink book) and meet the necessary requirements for the signing of purchase contracts.

The Global City

Being highly regarded and favored by even the most discerning investors and customers is a clear testament to The Global City's potential for long-term development and value appreciation.

Scale of The Global City project

Name of project:The Global City
Location:An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Investor:Masterise Homes
Development:Masterise Homes
Design:Foster and Partner
Construction:Central, Delta, An Phong…
Management and Operation:Artelia
Distribution company:Thuan Hung Group
Product type:Apartments, commercial townhouses, villas, office buildings,…
Project scale: 1,174,221.9 m²
Building density:30%
Utilities:The Grade A commercial center area is 4.1 hectares wide, more than 125,000 square meters of floor 2km long canal – “The Canal of Love” – Bay of love, with the largest modern water music system in Southeast AsiaNearly 13 hectares of green area system of international schools and hospitals
Starting construction - handing over the house: Year 2021 – 2024 (48 months)
Ownership:Vietnamese own long-term, foreigners (NNN) own 50 years.
Project status:Developing townhouses/Shophouses in SOHO . subdivision
Many customers decide to invest in SOHO thanks to a breakthrough rental commitment policy
Many customers decide to invest in SOHO thanks to a breakthrough rental commitment policy

Contact The Global City via:

Phone: : 0911 525 454

Sales consulting office: THE GLOBAL CITY, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Project address: THE GLOBAL CITY, An Phu Ward, City. Thu Duc, City. Ho Chi Minh



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